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Fire in the Blood - Finally Out!

By Lisabet Sarai

Yesterday TEB released my new vampire ménage. I've published several short stories involving blood-drinkers, but Fire in the Blood was my first attempt at a novella length tale of the undead.

It's not really a typical vampire romance. The vampire, Etienne de Rémorcy, is a former slave from the time of colonial Jamaica, turned by his evil mistress. For more than a century he has haunted the ruins of her plantation Fin d'Espoir, shunning humans and vowing never again to taste mortal blood. When a fierce storm and a runaway horse bring the lovely tourist Madeleine to his lair, he struggles against temptation, but ultimately takes both her blood and her body as she begs. Before long he has also seduced (or perhaps been seduced by) Maddy's lover Troy. Truly moral despite his status as a monster, Etienne tries to separate himself from the mortal couple but the bonds that have grown among the three of them are too powerful.

Here's an excerpt from one of the ménage scenes, to whet your appetite!

A gust of wind nearly knocked Troy to the ground. When he looked again, the black man was on the deck, towering above Maddy. He seized Troy’s lover, drawing her into a kiss so ferocious Troy thought that he’d devour her.

Maddy!” Troy yelled. “Wait! Please…” The woman he loved ignored him completely, returning the stranger’s kiss with equal passion. As Troy watched, helpless yet fascinated, the giant hoisted Maddy in his arms, then placed her, prone, on one of the chaises.

Help. He needed help. Frantically, Troy scanned the line of bungalows perched on the edge of the beach. All were dark. His cries had not roused anyone. And even if he did get some attention, what could anyone do? Etienne was stronger than any three normal guys. Besides, it was all too clear that Maddy welcomed him into her arms. Into her body.

Troy watched in disbelief as the giant tore the satin away from Maddy’s form as if it were paper. Who was this man? How did he know Maddy? Misery filled his soul, yet he was aroused too. His cock strained against his shorts as the black man straddled Maddy’s hips. His lover looked tiny and vulnerable with that huge dark form looming over her. The sight made Troy’s balls ache.

The black man reached for Maddy’s breasts. She moaned, then yelped in surprise and delight. Troy remembered their coupling earlier in the day. “Harder,” she’d urged, over and over, as he gouged at her nipples. Maddy screamed, a wild animal cry that rang across the beach and sent chills up Troy’s spine. She tried to grab the black man’s shoulders but he forced her arms above her head.

Troy couldn’t bear it. At the same time, he could not look away. He circled to the side of the deck, losing sight of the couple for the moment. Step by stealthy step, he climbed from the beach to the deck, until he could see them once again.

Maddy writhed under the black man, who was fucking her hard and fast. With one enormous hand, he gripped both her wrists, pressing them against the cushions. He raked his other hand across her breast, leaving trails of red. God, he was slicing her open with his nails, and she seemed to love it!

Troy’s horror and lust grew together. He stepped closer to the chaise. The couple paid no attention to him. They ground their bodies together and moaned in synchrony. Troy pushed his shorts down to his ankles, letting his own cock spring free. He stroked himself in time with Etienne’s thrusts. He watched Maddy’s face. Her mouth opened wide whenever the man’s cock sank into her pussy and went slack when he pulled out. She kept her eyes glued to the black man’s face, peering at him as though she was reading his thoughts.

Troy imagined that he was the one filling her, that the sweat-slick hand around his shaft was Maddy’s tight, wet pussy. The giant groaned and stroked faster. Troy did likewise. It didn’t matter whether they saw him, or what they thought. He knew that they were beyond caring. Well, so was he.

Suddenly, the stranger leaned across Maddy’s body and began licking her chest—licking the wounds he had carved in her breast. Maddy went crazy, thrashing underneath him. “Etienne! Oh yes!” she cried as the man fastened his thick lips on her flesh. The stranger growled—a hoarse, inhuman sound that made Troy’s skin crawl and his cock swell.

Maddy was coming—Troy knew the signs, the look on her face, her strangled cries—and he was coming too. He couldn’t help himself. His cum arced out from his cock and sprayed the couple. The thick dollops of fluid were a shocking white on the man’s ink-coloured back.

Etienne raised his woolly head from Maddy’s breast and turned to Troy. “Do you want some, boy?” he thundered. His eyes shot bolts of dark fire. His ripe mouth glistened, wet with Maddy’s blood. Animal teeth jutted from his lips, bright and terrible.

Troy froze. Who—what—was he? He remembered their conversation on the beach. Darkness. Violence. Madness. He recalled the feel of Etienne’s teeth piercing his groin. His mind reeled. At the same time, under Etienne’s gaze, his cock was hard again, as though he’d gone a week without relief instead of having just climaxed.

Come here,” the giant ordered. “Taste your lover. Drink her lifeblood. Make her yours.”

No…I can’t…” Troy stuttered, knowing he should refuse. No sane man would drink his lover’s blood. He wanted to do it, though. He wanted to feel Maddy writhing under him, wanted to give her the same ecstasy she had achieved with this other man. His cock throbbed, urging him on.

Fire in the Blood is available now! You can buy it here. Still undecided? You can watch the trailer here, and read another excerpt on my website.

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