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In May I opened my Perfect Love Series with "The Perfect Union". On Monday Ethan Harrison-good friend of Rick, Conor, and Calleigh-will finally complete his search for "His Perfect Partner". I can't wait for everyone to get to know this hard working and fun loving man. Ethan loves to keep everyone on their toes so watch out for his quick wit, but he's fearlessly loyal and loves with all his heart. Those lucky enough to call him their friend will find their lives enriched. Come with me back to Boston to find out what true love can conquer.


The search to find the one man destined to complete his life has sent Ethan to places high and low. What will it take to find his perfect partner?

Ethan Harrison has wonderful friends and a rewarding career, but he feels something is still missing. He’s yet to find the man that makes his fantasies reality and soul find peace.

All that changes when a complicated case of economic espionage comes across his desk, and Special Agent Ryan Ashton walks through his office door. Life however is no fantasy and Ethan and Ryan’s journey is much more complicated than a storybook.

Will the two men be able to hold on to their love or will a defendant bent on revenge have the final judgement?

Ethan stood as his next appointment was shown though the door. His breath locked in his chest and his heart stuttered as the most stunning specimen of the male species entered his office. All those silly clich├ęs he’d ever heard about meeting the partner of your dreams were true. Time froze, giving him ample opportunity to rake his eyes over the wet-dream-inspiring vision before him.

Dark hair swept back from the high forehead of a lean face. Chiselled cheekbones and a straight nose led down to a pair of perfectly kissable lips. A strong neck disappeared into the collar of the white dress shirt. Broad shoulders filled the jacket which was expertly tailored to the strong frame. Lean hips topped long legs. Ethan’s eyes slowly travelled back up the perfect body and locked on a pair of piercing light coloured eyes. They were a before unseen combination of blue and grey. And they were focused right on him.

He mentally slapped his face and told himself to get back in the game. Hoping the beginnings of the hard-on that thickened in his slacks wasn’t too obvious with his suit coat on, he held out his hand.

“Ethan Harrison. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Special Agent Ryan Ashton.”

A large hand engulfed his, and he swore sparks shot out where their skin connected. The strength evident in the grip was tempered by the slightly callused fingertip brushing across his wrist. Large veins descended from long fingers and roped across the back of the wide expanse. Heat infused Ethan’s palm, and a slight shiver rippled though his body.

He realised he still held Ryan’s hand as he stared into those mesmerising eyes, and he dropped his hold. Taking several steps back, he sat behind his desk to hide the evidence of his arousal. He gestured to the seat on the other side.

“Please sit. Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything to drink?”

Ryan set down his briefcase and sat in the indicated seat. He leant back and crossed one ankle over his knee. “No thank you.”

“Special Agent Ashton, I understand you’re here to hand over case information regarding the investigation of Luke Yeung and Amerisystems.”

“Please call me Ryan.” He picked up his briefcase. After removing a file, he placed it on the desk and leant forward to slide it across. “You should have everything we’ve compiled up to this point in here.”

Ethan picked the thick folder and set it to his left. He would review the materials later, but right now, he wanted to continue his conversation with the man before him. “Why don’t you brief me on the basics while you’re here?”

Ryan’s relaxed posture in the chair contradicted the burn of his gaze as their eyes locked. “Our division has spent the last year compiling evidence of economic espionage against Mr. Yeung. We have documented proof of him selling the designs for Amerisystems’ prototype for a new environmental monitoring device. There has been suspicion of previous leaks, but until now, everything has been circumstantial.”

Ethan stood and walked around his large mahogany desk to the chair next to Ryan. He wanted to be closer to the alluring man. He sat and mimicked the other man’s posture. “What exactly does this device do?”

Ryan angled his body to better face Ethan. Their feet nearly touched. “It’s designed to collect data on temperature, light and soil moisture for crop lands and transfer it wirelessly to a remote computer using a short message service. This would allow farmers to analyse the conditions of their fields and make adjustments for a better yield with the current crop. In the long term, it would allow them to review the data from previous years to anticipate the condition of their fields for a new planting season.”

Ethan was so caught up in watching those sensuous lips move that he nearly missed his cue in the conversation, “Impressive, who’s he selling it to and why?”

Ryan shifted in his chair and licked his lips.

“Well, in this economy, we certainly can’t afford for that to happen. Have you been the lead investigator?”

That little movement a moment ago had forced Ryan’s jacket to separate, and Ethan caught the briefest glimpse of a thickening bulge in his lap. He was ecstatic that he wasn’t the only one feeling the attraction between them.

“Yes, I have a team working with me, but I’m the point man on this one.”

“Excellent. Then if I have questions or need further information, you’re the one I want to speak with. Will you leave me your contact information?”

Ryan reached into his jacket pocket and removed a business card. He flipped it over, scribbled on the back then handed it to Ethan. “Here’s my card. It has my office information as well as my email address.”

Their hands brushed as the card was handed off. Ethan felt that jolt once again and let their fingers linger for a moment before sitting back in his seat. He flipped the card over and saw a series of digits. He looked over and raised one eyebrow. “And this number?”

“My personal cell phone. Just in case you need to reach me after business hours.”

He smiled. He would love to connect with Ryan after business hours. Speak to, kiss, touch, fuck, be fucked…he wasn’t picky.

He glanced at his desk clock and noticed his next appointment was due in a few minutes. The half hour with Ryan had flown by. He stood and indicated for Ryan to precede him, making sure to get a peek of Ryan’s ass as he walked by. Silently, he cursed that it was covered by the suit coat.

Ethan halted the man’s progress by placing his hand on his broad shoulder and turned him around so they faced each other a foot from his office door. His hand slid down Ryan’s arm a few inches, and his fingers gave a little squeeze on the hard muscle.

“It was very nice to meet you, Ryan. I’ll be sure to contact you if I have any questions.”

Ryan smiled and stepped closer to Ethan so their bodies were separated by the smallest of space. He tilted forward so his lips were right next to the furl of Ethan’s ear. “You do that.”

Ethan closed his eyes and inhaled the woodsy scent of Ryan’s aftershave. The combination of Ryan’s strong body nearly pressing against him and the low voice rumbling in his ear caused his cock to harden even further. He clenched his hands to prevent himself from grabbing onto the lapels of Ryan’s suit coat and closing the distance between them completely. When he opened his eyes Ryan had moved back and those unique blue-grey eyes held the promise of good things to come.

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