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I often talk about inspiration- in blog posts, on twitter, to no-one while sat on the loo (don't lie. You know you do it too. Everyone talks to themselves while sat on the toilet! I'm not sure if everyone talks to themselves while in the shower, but that's a story about my insanity for another time). But inspiration was particularly important when writing my latest TEB release, Tigerlily:

I'm not sure why there are varying degrees of inspiration. All I know is that there totally is. And the less inspiration (or as I usually call it: a bunch of stuff that forces me to write) I have when embarking on a new piece of work, the harder it is to write. Sometimes I think that the work still turns out pretty okay, but the fact remains: I need stuff to grease the wheels.

For Tigerlily, it was a number of things:

1. The movie Labyrinth. Anything I write that has fantasy elements, especially when those elements are about someone coming from another world, or someone going to another world, is inspired by the movie Labyrinth. The look of it, the feel of it, the fact that it accepted that many, many young girls did not want to grow up and be housewives or have boring jobs, but instead wanted to live in a fantasy world forever...yeah, I can relate to all of those things. And a big part of Tigerlily is about a) the otherness of another world, b) someone coming to get you from that world and c) fantasy as a coping mechanism for things that suck in this world.

2. Zachary Quinto. Who has helped me write many, many things in a passionate fervour. In this case, he made a perfect hero template. Mainly because he looks otherworldly and yet all earthy at the same time, he's vibrant and bursting with hairiness and all of these things seem wildly important for writing about a man who...well. You'll have to read Tigerlily to find out!

3. Burning fields. For some reason, I associate the solstice with capering around bonfires and burning straw men and stuff like that.

4. Hot magical sexing. This may sound like a strange thing to be inspired be, but I tell you: anything to do with magical sexing, sexing voodoo, sex fact anything that prompts people to have wild crazy sex and let go of their usual inhibitions...yeah. That greases the wheels all right.

And those four things were enough to make me write it in a massive blurt. I can write without the massive blurt, but oh, it's always good to have it.

What's your latest thing that makes you do a massive blurt?

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