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Judging a its cover

Judging a book by its cover?

Now be honest…have you ever bought a book because of the cover? How about not bought one because of the cover?

I will give you my answer. Yes, on both fronts.

Yes, I have bought a book because when I look at the cover I was pulled in. Whether it’s been the characters or setting I wanted to see if the book lived up to my imagination.

Sometimes it’s been worth it and sometimes not.

On the other hand, I have also let the cover of a book turned me off of a certain story. This happens more when I am undecided with whether or not I want to try the book. Usually the story blurb will not be strong enough to pull me in and the cover will be the final decision on if it stays on my to be maybe bought, to be bought pile, or if I go ahead and chance it and purchase the book.

This happened recently to me. The information the story offered didn’t do anything for me. I could live with or without it. But when I kept seeing the cover at different sites (Great promoting) and I was intrigued. I really liked the background and the characters and thought oh why not!

And ended up thrilled that I had given my time and money to purchase the book. And I realized myself that had it not been for the cover artist work I may have never have made the purchase.

And that would have been terrible.

So I thought about my own books… the releases that I have had and how they might have brought in readers by just the cover.

One of the reasons I had been a fan of Total-E-Bound before I was published is the way they run their website. The information is easy to get to and you can find what you want. And the books… are some of the best!

I am not a fan of animated characters for covers. While I have a few it is more because the author is an established author that is on my auto-buy list. I like to see flesh and blood, real emotions, and a setting that goes with the books.

Total-E-Bound had very talented artists that ‘get’ what the author wants and has the ability to showcase books in the best light.

I don’t know about other authors but even between my own books I have my favorite covers.

I was lucky enough to have the very talented Natalie Winters design books for my Were Chronicle series. Each book has matched the characters that I had imagined as I spent hours and hours over the keyboard telling their story. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Natalie also did the cover for my vampire book Eternal. Which was smack on the nose for what I had pictured.

Luckily I have also had the pleasure of having other artists give their talents to some of my books. My very first release… Savage Love back in 2008 cover was done by April Martinez. This cover was the start of something I couldn’t even imagine. It was the first one I loved and will always have that special place in my heart.

At last but certainly not least I was gifted with the wonderful insight of Lyn Taylor. Lyn was the artist for my Lust Bites books and the first of The Corporate Wolves series.

A book doesn’t end when the author pushed the send button and the submission goes out. That is just the first step. Then it’s contracts, edits, more edits, art, final edits (Lol), promotion, and release.

It is a complex string of people working to make one story the best it can be.

So here is a thought. Without some of the artist’s we have here at Total-E-Bound we might not have picked up that one or couple of fans. Their talent and insight probably helped grabbed someone out there and they bought our book… BECAUSE OF THE COVER…

So here is my Thanks to Natalie, April, Lyn, and all the wonderful people who work so hard to put their best into each story. We couldn’t do it without you!

Crissy Smith

Romance on the ‘WILD’ side…


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi Crissy,

It's great to see all the covers for your series together. That highlights the way Natalie used similar elements in each, and yet evoked a different vibe.


JP said...

Total-e-bound does some of the best covers I've ever seen - I don't think I've been disappointed in any of them done for my books. In the early days when I was self publishing, the covers were the bane of my existence. The graphic art department just didn't have a clue, and I had to settle for dreck most of the time. Covers are very important - they set the scene and the tone of the story - so yes you can sometimes judge a book by it's cover!

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