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Look what happens when you let your imagination run away with you

You come up with a story like Swingtime, a fun romp about...gasp! sex. I challenged myself to push my own boundaries, to get even more outrageous, to drink a lot of wine and give way to my fantasies. Swingtim is the result. And yay! Look what Joyfully Reviewed had to say about it:

"Swingtime is pure sexual fun at its best! Desiree Holt sweeps her audience away into a no-holds-barred erotic adventure that manages to be sweet as well as red-hot. What charmed me about Swingtime were the characters themselves. From Lanie to Cody to his swinger friends, everyone is just plain likeable. It’s their likability, combined with playfulness, good humor, safety precautions, and trust, that makes their get-togethers work. And what parties they are! I’m surprised my iPod didn’t melt while I listened to Swingtime. The sexual play ranges from twosomes to threesomes (including bisexual ménages) and more and each encounter is something fresh and new.
Swingtime isn’t all sex, however. Cody and Lanie’s romance is the heart of Swingtime and both of them have to take a risk and reveal their hearts and desires to one another in order to make their relationship work. I adored them both, which made me cheer for them to get their happily ever after together. It’s the romance that keeps me coming back to Swingtime over and over again.
I experienced Cody and Lanie’s world in audio book format. While the narrator was a bit more dramatic than I’d have liked, her reading did not harm my enjoyment of the story. Ms. Holt has packed such a full, exciting tale into Swingtime that I recommend enjoying it in whatever format you can find. I absolutely loved Swingtime. It’s wildly erotic entertainment with heart and it’s sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

Joyfully Recommended!

Here's just a tiny little taste for you:
Lanie Burrell knows all about erotic adventures…on paper. Yet, even for an erotic romance reviewer, the sex life of Lanie’s neighbor, Cody Hawkins, is shocking. She knew Cody wanted privacy; that’s why she’s his only neighbor in their private cul-de-sac. But the swinger parties Cody hosts make Lanie uncomfortable – or do they? Torn between arousal and denial, Lanie will have to gather all her courage when Cody makes a most tempting offer.
Cody has desired his sexy little neighbor for so long, but fears she’ll never accept and want to participate in his swinger lifestyle. When he spies one of the books Lanie’s reading for review, Cody feels hope for the first time. He invites Lanie to one of his parties, but makes one thing clear: he wants more than just sex from her. Will Lanie accept all that Cody has to offer?

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Cathy M said...

Hi Desiree,

Love, love menage stories, and will definitely have to read this one, sounds wonderfully wild and sexy.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Sounds like a great setup, Desiree!

Nothing wrong with a little imagination... or even a lot!