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A Summer Quickie

In a cushy chair at Starbucks emptying my insanely full inbox, and I've only been offline for two days! Off on yet another summer vacay, this time half a week at my friends' lake house, then off to different friends' mountain cabin...both sans internet. I drove 30 miles to hop on, and realized it was my turn to post on HTHS! Summer insanity... So I'm (hopefully understandably!) going to keep it short and sweet today before getting back to the beach!

My first Seasoned Women ebook is now out at TEB, Sex On Summer Sabbatical:

Who knew it would so hard to get a twenty-something man to have sex?

Forced by her employer to take a three month sabbatical, workaholic Tori Warren makes a checklist of things to accomplish which will make the time off worthwhile.

Get into the best shape of her life. Have the most fun of her life. Oh, and have the best sex of her life.

Sexy young Adam comes into her life at just the right time. A physical trainer with a loving-life personality, he should work nicely in helping her meet all three goals. He’d be especially perfect for the best sex. Now if he would only just cooperate...

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