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Taking a Moment... Or a Few

I can't believe most of summer is behind us. The past weeks have been crazy--with work and trying to fit writing in. I'm sorry to say my time with my family has suffered because of it. Oh, I think for the most part, it's been fine. The kids have been busy with summer camps and sports, but I know the family time we usually try to fit in... Well, it just wasn't happening.

Yesterday, my "baby" turned eight. He is a sports fanatic like his daddy, so for his special day, he wanted to go to a baseball game. Those who know me know sporting events, for me, are on the same list as camping. Not among my favorite things. I was working through the day and kept thinking I should just bow out and not go to the game. After all, I had too much to do, and couldn't spare the few hours...

Turns out I can't resist the cute kid with the big brown eyes looking at me so sweetly. So I went. I grumbled--in my head; on the outside I had a smile plastered on my face. This was his day, after all.

We got to the ball field, found out seats, got some snacks and settled in for the game. Then something happened. I let go of all the to-do lists in my head and started to watch. Oh, I didn't watch the game so much. I watched my son watching the game, absorbing it all with the hugest grin on his face. The excitement that glowed when a player hit a home run. His little body jumping up and down as he cheered. I was captivated by the sheer enjoyment that radiated from him.

We left the game in the 7th inning. Poor boy was tired out, and we still had to do cake and ice cream at home. He chattered the whole way home about the game and how awesome it was. Later, after everyone was in bed, and pulled work up on my computer, I started thinking about how much I'd have gotten done, if I'd stayed home and had the whole house to myself--quiet and calm. Then I realized I wouldn't change a thing. No, I wasn't converted into a sports fan, but damn, I'm a fan of my kids, my family. And I will always have the memories of how much he loved what we did on his birthday. The work is still here, will always be here. LOL But all too soon, I'll have this whole house to myself (and the hubby hehe) and I'll be wishing I had more time with my kids.

Amazing how taking a moment, or a few, away from everything--the to-do lists and all that--can bring everything that is important back into focus.

Happy August all! I hope you enjoy the month...and take a few moments to enjoy those you love and care for. :)


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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Jess,

I couldn't agree more. We get so wrapped up in our "careers"... we need to remember what's really important.