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2 Tough Texas men this month at Total-e-bound!

I've got two Texas men for you this month at !
HARD DRIVIN' MAN on 9/13 and ONE TOUGH HOMBRE the following Monday. I live in Texas and I must say, these men are true to life.
Since I moved here 14 years ago, I have never met such endearing, funny, hard driving men as I have here. (And hey, I used to live and work on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.!) But a Texas man is definitely a different breed of cat. Let that read, LION.
HARD DRIVIN' MAN is out today. Lovely cover, no? This is a very real story for so many Texans who struggle to get what they want. Struggle against the environment--and each other.
This hero is a rancher and so is the heroine.
ONE TOUGH HOMBRE debuts 9.20 at and wow, do I hope you like my big ol' Texas Ranger who has one damn big problem: He's got the hots for the sweet thing who owns the bakery shop. Name of Kandy. Tastes like it, too, he imagines. He is fixing to have a big taste.
Only problem is Kandy does not date. She does not sleep around. She only marries.
And our man, Dane Masters, does not date...or marry. He only craves Kandy.
Who's gonna get what they want?
(You can in this series, because there are two more where Dane Masters came from. TWO TOUGH HOMBRES and THREE TOUGH HOMBRES coming soon from me at Total-e!)

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