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Character Traits and the Author

Do you rub off on your characters? Do many of them have similarities? Mine do. Most of my heroes have expensive taste in fine wines and tobacco. Many drive luxury cars when the need arises for them to do so in my romance stories. My heroines and I have taste in lingerie and erotic fantasies.

Take my heroine, Katalin, from Light and Shadow. She has a yearning for a higher sense of enjoyment, living life closer to fantasy than reality. In her story, a light hearted BDSM tale, Stefan whisks her off to New Orleans to offer her an illusion he’d like to make into reality. Only, the real world interferes and she runs off into a dangerous part of town where she hurts herself. Stefan chases after her and the story progresses from there.

Very similar to Stefan is Reinhold from Her Shelter. While Stefan is not a wolf as Reinhold is, he is a definite Alpha on a learning curve with his mates. Both men share that trait as I have in the past. Reinhold’s connection to Stefan is that he aspires to give those in his care a fantasy come true in the form of a better life.

Most of my heroines tend towards the curvy side, as that’s the type of woman I’m generally attracted to though if you saw my twitter stream you’d see I flirt with pretty much everyone. Reinhold has that affect on the women in his life. They flirt back and enjoy his rich, sometimes ribald humor.

Then there’s my love of drink. I can’t find one hero I’ve ever written for ANY publisher that didn’t enjoy fine wine, whisky or woman. I guess the latter has to be incorporated since I am a romance author, but the wine and whisky aren’t a part of the stories. Or are they?

These character traits lend depth to my romance stories and give the characters more than just dialogue and action. I like to think they tie me to the theme of whom and what I write about. What about you and your characters?


Nerine Dorman said...

My first character, Jamie, is a complete reprobate. The only real interest I share with him is books and magic, but he does a helluva lot of things I'd never dream of.

I try to create characters who are different from me but I suppose since I have to draw on my personal experiences to flesh out their lives, a little bit of me invariably creeps in.

I guess I'm lucky I've had a very, erm... interesting life so far have met some very interesting people, and can write about folks who are tattoo artists, musicians, photographers, artists... strippers even.


Adriana said...

Since two of us write together under this pen name, there's twice as much to choose from! Sometimes there's more of me in the character than I knew when the story was going on the page. Never had a tattoo until after The Merry Widow was published with Kendra Egert's fabulous cover focused on the heroine's tattoo, for example!

Sascha said...


Interesting to note I do occasional write characters who differ from me in such a huge way that it amazes me I can create them in the first place!

I'd like to be able to find someone exciting, but being in the adult industry it's hard to be shocked anymore.

Adriana, rock that tattoo!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Sascha,

The more I write, the less like me my characters become. Indeed, I consciously try to make them different (whereas my first heroine Kate was sort of a fantasy version of me - with the red hair I've always wanted!)

I'm sure, though, that there are fundamental similarities among all my characters. And more superficial preferences (e.g. for wine and good food) tend to show up regularly too.


Sascha said...


the more I write the more my characters seem to become me. The heavier emotions, the background, history, anger issues, yet this is NOT cathartic for me LOL!