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Happy Odds and Ends

I don't have a well thought out blog post this month. It's been a bit crazy around here with school starting - a very happy crazy for this mom of four. ;-)

I love my kids, but summer vacation is sooooo not a vacation for moms. There was much running around and fun being had, but I'll be the first to admit my writing suffers when the kiddos are home all day, every day. A big reason? They've all grown up and can read. LMAO So when one of the darlings plops down next to me, I have to shut the laptop to conceal the wild monkey sex happening. I'm not ashamed of what I write, by any means, but the kids really don't need to be reading momma's work right now. :-D Now they're back in school, I can even leave the manuscript up on the screen when I take a potty break. Ah, freedom.

It was a bit frustrating this summer because we were down to one computer. ARGHHH! Yeah, one computer, family of six... this does NOT work. Our desktop had been running slow then suddenly we were getting an error message an it wouldn't boot up. Then, the laptop decided it had "no bootable device". Huh? At that point, all we had was my kicky little netbook. And I don't like to share. LOL

Thank goodness for my computer savvy brother in law. He completely came to the rescue, though it took a while to mesh our schedules so he could get it done. And he did. *happy dance* He even hooked up an external hard drive that is now backing up all 3 computers regularly. My netbook is back in the "off limits" category and life is good again.

Besides, back to school chaos and adjusting to the fall schedule, I am writing. :) I'm working on some sexy contemporary novels right now, after finishing the third book in my Into the Shadows series. That will release in December at TEB.

Now I should go and take advantage of the hour or so I have until the kids start arriving home. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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