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I'm going to start out with this since this is a symbolic day. This date marks a time when a lot of us had to grow up. A time when a lot of us realized that all the things we hold dear can be gone in a matter of moments. September 11th reminds me of sitting in the seventh grade art class I taught, trying to explain to a room full of scared 12-13 yr olds that bad things happen to good people and we'd be safe. I hoped anyway. We sat and cried and tried to make sense of the things we saw on television. I'll never forget. I can't say I've lost any good friends because of date, but at least one of my stories has been inspired by a friend who has served multiple times in Iraq.

"Dance like no one's watching and love like there's no tomorrow."


On to the rest of my post...

I'm not necesarily new to the Total-E-Bound family. I have three books out now with them. But to the blog? I'm a newbie. *Grin*

I'm a mom, wife, cleaning lady (ever stepped on those stupid Star Wars Figures at 3 AM? Don't. It's not fun.), erotica author, chauffeur, soudning board, CSI:Miami and chocolate addict, and race fan.

How'd I get started writing dirty little stories? Glad you asked.

Back in the day, saying the word S-E-X was a dirty word. Yeah, like back in the '50's. Sadly, that idea stuck around the household I grew up in. Yes, 1997 and S-E-X was still a dirty word. At the same time, I watched General Hospital. Really exciting stuff. I thought to myself, gee, they talk about sex all the time, have lots of sex, and no one seems offended. Maybe that dirty nasty thing I'd been taught to stay away from wasnt' so bad after all.

You might be thinking I went off the rails at this point. Sadly, no. I'm too anal retentive to really act crazy. I waited like a good little late bloomer.

Once I came to the conclusion that my lips wouldn't fall off because I said cock or because I thought the horizontal mambo was fun... I ran with it. I have the best research partner who loves to help me work out the mechanics of a love scene.

Now that I'm off the leash, I'm having more fun and more comfortable in my own skin. Life is good.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Wendi,

Welcome to the Hot Spot! You'll find some outrageous posts here... like in a few days I'll be talking about what it's really like to be part of a menage. From personal experience!

So we're expecting great things from you!


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Sounds exciting Lisabet! Can't wait, even if I've never had that opportunity.



Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Wow. I'll be back!
Celebrating today too with the release of HARD DRIVIN' MAN here at TEB!
Since I came to Texas 14 years ago--I have met sooooo many terrific, Hard Drivin' Texas men, I had to write about them!