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It's my birthday!

Yep. It's my birthday. So, I thought I'd give you all a gift - an excerpt of What's Your Pleasure? and what more traditional way to celebrate than with a spanking - Enjoy!

Vince reached down and rolled her over. Joe cringed and bit her lip as she heard Vince snap the leather together. She knew this was going to hurt, but damned if she wasn’t trembling with excitement. Without realising what she did, she tensed her ass muscles, bracing herself for the first blow. She heard the sing of leather and felt the bed beneath her jerk. Curiously, she felt no pain, so she glanced over her shoulder at Vincent.
He stood there, his chest heaving, the thick, black belt in his hand, a sardonic smile on his face.
“Surprised?” he asked.
“Yes,” she acknowledged. “I thought you were going to…”
“Did I say you could turn around? I’m your Master. I’ll beat your ass or not as my pleasure warrants. Right now, I want you to keep your face to the bed. You are not to look at me. Sometimes I’ll hit the bed, sometimes you. My choice. Understand?”
“Yes,” she said as she whipped her head back again. Her senses jumped as he once again snapped the leather and hit the mattress next to her. The third swing of the belt, though, smacked her bottom, and she howled, not so much from pain as from surprise. She knew he had lightened the power behind the stroke that smacked her ass, but still, the sting of the leather brought tears to her eyes and moisture to her pussy.
Over and over again, he tortured her. She never knew if the bed or her ass would be the target for the next swipe, and the disorientation left her breathless. She thought she’d go mad. Finally, she heard him drop the belt and unzip his pants.
Without thinking, she rose on her elbows so she could turn to him. Catching herself, she stopped and quickly dropped back down.
“Not quite quick enough, my naughty submissive. Good thing I brought a few supplies. Stay put. I’ll be right back,” Vincent ordered.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Yum...sounds very intense! And totally appropriate for your birthday, Marie!

Happy Day!