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Memorable Line

Have you had a moment when a line in a book just grabs you. Makes you laugh, cry or just go hmmmm. That right there is the gist of a wonderful memorable line.

A line that stays with you long after you have read it and still makes you feel the emotion it invoked. I love books that give me that feeling. Give me that line that I have to share. Not every book has it but those that do are reader gold. (For more on what in my opinion is Reader Gold go here). Those books are keepers.

In the book I was reading the other day I came across a line that was reader gold. In that one line the author portrayed what their whole book was about. Gave me what the character was all about. It was so awesome that it made me get that tingle I usually get when I find a reader gold. The book went on my keeper shelf.

To be able to portray all that in just a line is so great. It is something I strive for as an author. Writing a book that leaves a lasting impression. Make the reader remember long after they close that book. Making a story memorable… one line at a time.

Taige Crenshaw
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Chris R said...

I love books like that. Kiernan Kelly's Riding Heartbreak Road has a line like that.

Books with a such a memorable line always end up being "keepers" for me.

Taige Crenshaw said...

Yep Chris, they become keepers for me too.

What is the line in the book?