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Outside...nice or naughty?

Its the end of the summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, so it's a good time to reflect and see how many things you can check off you summer to do list. What about sex outside? Was that on your list?

I was talking to a couple friends and while we didn't go in to details about what we did over the summer, we did trade ideas on best places for outdoor fun. I noticed the locations pretty much fell into two categories: nice and naughty.

The nice places are the romantic ones: a field of flowers or in a sleeping bag under the stars. The naughty places are the risky, wild ones: on the beach at night (hoping you don't get spotted out there in the open) or in an alley behind your favorite club.

What about you...nice? Naughty? Both?

Maybe it depends on your mood and who you're with?

1 comment:

Isabelle Drake said...

Okay, I have to add--I love the beach. There's something about knowing you're right there in the open. And the sexy!