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Pure and Innocent?

I'm in awe today. My second youngest child is twenty today. She thinks she's ancient. Later tonight we're going to party with subs, soda, and ice cream. We might sing some karaoke, too. We're real party animals, aren't we? :)

My real life is so much different than my online erotic writer persona. I imagine that's true for most of us.

People who know me personally and don't know I write erotic romance are afraid to curse around me, or mention dirty things. They think I'm too pure and innocent. Read one of my books and you'll be laughing with me. LOL

In real life I don't have menages. I only write and fantasize about them.

In real life I don't travel much and have never been to Europe or Asia, but I write about other planets and universes. If I could, I'd be out in space with Kirk and Spock.

In real life I don't hear well, but in my books, I know everything that's going on.

In real life I'm a workaholic, but in my books, I get to do all sorts of fun things.

In real life I laugh at myself a lot and I do that in my books, too. Okay, so that's the same.

Many of these things I hope to do in real life as I have more time and opportunity.

And in real life, I'm not really pure and innocent. I only pretend to be in certain places with certain people.

If I were like Colleen, my heroine in "Whirlwind Relationship", I'd do a lot of things differently if I could go back. Or would I? My 20 year old and my other kids might not be here if I did. But it's fun to dream about having a different life (or many different lives). And so it was fun to write "Whirlwind Relationship" and all my stories and it's fun to read the many stories here at TEB and dream.


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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Ashley,

I remember when my first erotica book was accepted. I had the notion that maybe I'd go to England (the book was published by Black Lace) and meet all the glamorous erotica authors who also had Black Lace books, at some kind of release party...!

Boy, was I dreaming!

Very wise post. If we actually did the things we wrote about, we'd never have the time for writing.