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Start Spreading the Word...

I can't believe that it's been nearly two weeks since I left for New York and I haven't posted yet!!!! I blame my day job, my kids and well, life in general. I think I've been at the hockey rink every freaking day since I got back and who knew school would be so demanding... for the parents. Add in some trips to the dentist... yeah, I think you know what I've saying.

Anyway, I couldn't let the month slip away without posting some awesome pics of my trip to New York. Now, I really went to be part of the AAD conference, but let's face it...trolling around New York with my gal pals Bronwyn Green, Mia Watts and Brynn Paulin was the best. These ladies are spectacular and I can't wait to visit them in Michigan. Though I keep telling them that nothing beats Vancouver yes, ladies, come west.

Okay, so here goes...

No trip to New York is complete without a photo of the infamous New York Taxi. Okay, I think we're also on the edge of Times Square, but I can't really remember... Hey Bron... weren't we supposed to get some pics of the street signs?

This is the front of a restaurant called Jekyll and Hyde... it's a theme place and I can assure you the inside is spectacular. I even have the keepsake mug as proof. There was a brilliant lady inside who posed as a mad scientist. She was worth the price to eat there alone. For those of you not familiar with theme kinds of restaurants, it reminded me a bit of The Rainforest Café that they have here in Canada... but with a show too.

Okay, I really hate how I look in pictures, but... to prove that yes, indeed, it was me, here's a pic as we were taking a carriage ride around Central Park. Definitely the high-light for me as it's been a wish to do this forever... did I mention it was quite windy that day?

This is the building that John Lennon was killed in front of just outside of Central Park. Yoko Ono still lives there and they have a brilliant memorial to John just inside the gates here.

And here's a view of his memorial... aptly named... IMAGINE.

This is me, again.. I know... on the Staten Island Ferry. In the background, if you squint really hard, you can see the Statue of Liberty all lit up. You might also notice my hair all over the place. It was incredibly windy.

Anyway, that's the highlight of my trip. I hope you enjoyed the quick summary. The conference was great, but in the end, it's the people you meet, like Jennifer Armintrout, Carol Lynne and Sonya Bateman that make it amazing. Friends keep you sane and in the end, they're what it's all about. So thanks to Bron, Brynn, Mia, Jen, Carol and Sonya for making the trip more than worthwhile. Yes, the twelve hours of travelling, having to remove my shoes and endure the 'full-body scan' at the airport. For being asked the same five questions over and over at the Custom's counter, and for having to sit in the middle seat for four hours straight. You guys made it all worthwhile and then some.

Thanks for tuning in. I'll update next month with a blurb and excerpt from my new addition to the Dark Prophecy series, Twice Bitten, due out October 11th... but this month I just had to post about New York.


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Lisabet Sarai said...

Great photos, Kris! Thanks for sharing. I love NYC.