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Too Much Television?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I like my TV. It's fun entertainment. Some of it's brainless, some involves some real thought.

I remember when I was younger--single--and had a ton of likeminded friends. I couldn't tell you what was on the television at any given time because I spent all my nights out on the town. Now I can tell you when Supernatural is on, what channel to find True Blood, and what House is doing. Wonder what that says about my current lifestyle? *grin* I have kids, a husband, and a ton of responsibilities. So my television viewing is an escape of sorts--kind of like books.

Reading gives me leave to escape into another place. Television gives me that same outlet, but I don't have to exercise as much thought doing it. No need to imagine what the heroine and hero look like. They're on the screen before me. As is the setting, the plot, and the nuances in the actors' expressions gives way to what they're thinking.

But when does viewing television become too much? I write during the day now that my kids are back in school. But I have to wonder, am I unduly influenced by the things I watch? I think writers absorb everything around us, both consciously and subconsciously. We watch and read what we like, so I'm sure on some level, the things I watch incorporate into the things I write.

It's interesting food for thought, in any case. And with the return of prime time premiers, my nights are taken by the new shows lined up. I can honestly say that nothing I'm currently watching will be reflected in my latest work, a m/m shifter romance for TEB. And too bad, because I wouldn't mind watching that on the telly!

Happy viewing.


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