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2 Years and Counting

This month marked my two year anniversary as a published author and a member of the Total-E-Bound family. Wow! Two years!!!

I'll be honest and admit that it would have seemed unreal to achieve this a couple yaers ago. It started witha dream, and grew into an idea, until after many tries finally finished my first manuscript.

Now any manuscripts later I have published 12 books and have 5 more coming out in the next seven months.

I couldn't have asked for a better start and look forward to adding much more to my resume and bring new and old fans alike some lovable characters.

As a matter of fact, as this anniversary approached I was hard at work on the sequel to my first published book. I can proudly tell you that it will release Dec 6, 2010 right here at Total-E-Bound.

My first book Savage Love was published as part of the Halloween Antholgy Bite Me! It was released in October of 2008. That first baby will always be special to me.

The sequel Fated Love will release in December and bring back Marcus, Kelly, and Alex. The dream team as I like to call them.

In Fated Love we see Marcus's return from the case that he and Alex had just closed. The case that had brought Alex his mate. Marcus longs for someone to call his own and when he returns home... he may have found her.

Here is a blurb from Fated LOve.

Sometimes Fate brings two people together—but it’s just up to them if they let their hearts rule or give into their fears.

Marcus finally makes it back home after the worst case of his career. He’s looking forward to some quiet down time until he senses someone trespassing on his territory. The woman who has learned about his special gift and doesn’t seem afraid of his wolf is baffling and intoxicating at the same time. Marcus is just unsure whether she means harm or way too much good.

Crystal knew the moment she stepped into the swamp and on Marcus’s territory she was where she belongs. Coming from a long line of special women herself, she has no problems with Marcus’s differences. If she could just convince Marcus she is his mate, everything will just be perfect.

When these two come together, the heat and passion fills the room and nearly combusts. Almost perfect… except for the vision of Marcus being killed. Can they work together to figure out who is after Marcus? Or will their Fated Love burn them?

To celebrate I ran a series of weekly contests giving away EBook bucks for one lucky weekly winner a week.

The two previous winners Tracy D and Mary D got their free bucks to purchase the books of the choice.

The Grand prize winner drawn today will receive her $10.00 plus any book from my back log. The grand prize winner is...


Linda tried and tried. never giving up and still being a good sport as the other winners were announced. It's readers like Linda, Tracy, and Mary who make writing a true gift. I'm lucky enough to have so many great fans that I wish I could always run a weekly contest but sadly that's just not possible. But I promise more contests in the near future and want to say a Sincere Thank you to the readers who keep coming back to my books.

It's also a time to say Thanks to my publisher, the workers, the editors, cover artist, and friends and supporters here at Total-E-Bound.

I feel truely blessed to know and share this great life with you all.

Crissy Smith

Romance on the 'WILD" side...

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There are some grammatical mistakes in your post, but otherwise I found it somewhat useful.
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I once was a boy and now I'm a girl. Do you know what if feels like?
I'm a little slow, please don't remove my comments or I will get upset.

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