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Cowboys, Sheriffs and Ranchers, do you like them?

As a Texan (who hails form Washington, D.C.) I got here 14 years ago "as fast as I could." (Last quote courtesy of Davey Crockett when he came to fight at the Alamo.) But TEB is a publisher located in the UK, and so this Texan asks you the musical question, do all of you over on the other side of the pond like to read about our lawmen in your fiction?
Do let me know.
I must say that Texans to me are people with the most humor in their every day dialogue. This is a hard-scrabble place, what with the heat, the scrubby terrain, the lack of water and the abundance of wide open places. It must have taken an enormous dedication to survive here in days gone by.
Humor, I am certain, was the only recourse to survival.
Today, Texans have other challenges that are very real. Coyotes (the term applied to those who transport illegals across our burning hot and bone dry deserts), and drug gangs and wars are only a few of our challenges.
But if you like our men as heroes, raise your hand!
And if you are so inclined, tell us why.

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Justine Elyot said...

I have a particular soft spot for sheriffs - but lawmen in general go down well with me, regardless of where they are laying down the law :).