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EEEKS!...and time mismanagement

I swear I must have swiss cheese for brains. Either that or I am spending waaaay too much time alone inside my own head lately.

Twice in the past three weeks I've forgotten my volunteer commitment in my youngest son's classroom. It's really quite simple. I am supposed to go to school from 11:30 am to noon to help the first graders as they work on laptop computers every Thursday. Two weeks ago I didn't even remember until my son came home and told me what a bad day he had because I didn't come to school when he was waiting for me. Last week I remembered to go, Whew! Then yesterday, I remembered all morning, kept che
cking my watch, and then...I lost the mental thread. I sat down at the computer to balance to the family checking account. The next time I looked at my watch was 11:45 am, smack dab in the middle of computer lab when I was supposed to be at school. Oh, the mother guilt was so thick I had to call my hubby and cry on the phone to him. How could I be such a horrible, rotten, forgetful mother?

This poor child is going to need years of therapy beca
use I also forgot to pick him up from the bus stop this week and the nice neighbor lady had to drive him home.

Someone please tell me they've forgotten their child too! Misery loves company.

Oh! BTW - the Threefold Anthology is now available in PRINT!!!

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Anabeth Carew said...

Hey Suzanne,

You need one of those fab smart phones you can program reminders into. Then you just have to remember to program the reminders. Which is sorta like remembering the original appointment.