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I need the feel of your skin against mine
like a flower needs the sun.
I need the taste of your tongue against mine
like a bee needs nectar.
I need the sound of your voice in my mind
like an audience needs a performer.
I need the width of your rod in my mouth
like a toddle needs a lollipop.
I need the nourishment of your essence
so that I might live.

I crave your taste, your voice, your touch
like and addict craves her next hit.

My dreams are of you
My wants are of you
My desires are of you.

I need You
so that I might be complete.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Lovely, Marie!

And the image fits so well with the sentiments.


Marie Haynes said...

Thank you Lisabet.

Ayla Ruse said...

Perfectly expressed. Needs are so different from wants and your poem reveals this beautifully. Thank you.

Marie Haynes said...

Ayla - thank you. I am humbled by your words.