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Simple is Best

One of the things I enjoy most of any of my creative endeavors is coming up with the first idea. This is when it is only an inkling of what it will end up. When it is nice and simple. The first bloom in the mind that tickles the brain. Something that is just beyond becoming a full thought. Once it does become that inkling it is fun. The fun of letting it grow in you mind. Getting a concept. Discarding it as not right to go with your inkling. Then still thinking and then finally that concept that fits with the inklings (first idea). You slowly add layers to the idea and it becomes more. But it all starts with that simple idea first.

I was reading through my inklings (first idea) notebooks. As I read I could remember what I meant for that first idea. My mind filled with all the feelings I was having when I came up with the first inkling. From sad to overjoyed. It was such a journey of writing. The first inkling notebooks is a place I go when I’m working on a new concept. It gets my juices flowing. Makes my creativity go into high gear.

Ever so often I take one of those inklings (first ideas) and make it into a story. That is what I’ve been doing lately. Working one of my inklings (first idea) into a story. I’ve been having fun playing with the inklings (first idea). I think I have the right story to go with my inklings (first idea). I plan to let it get a more fully formulated before I start writing. I’m excited about it.

No matter what you creative pursuit – crafts, drawing, writing, songs and so on there is always that inklings (first idea). The first thing that gets you started. When you see the finished product for your inklings (first idea) it creates a sense of accomplishment. And to think it all started with a simple idea. After all simple is best.

Taige Crenshaw
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