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Vampires... are two better than one?

Well it's that time of year again, when ghosts and ghouls creep around your yard and pumpkins decorate every porch. Leaves are bundled into bags, and used to form jack-o'lanterns and scarecrows, while witches hang from doors and fences.

Now I'll be honest. While I love Halloween, I never realized how much work it was until I had children. Costumes, face painting, carving a pumpkin for each person... it really takes a toll on parents. Then there's the candy and freezing your butt off as you walk around your neighbourhood... a feat that should take you twenty minutes but somehow takes hours as your kids race up each driveway, only to run back down just as fast as they head to the next house. It's enough to make you want to hide inside, with the lights out and the TV on.

But that's the one part I love about Halloween—about most holidays in fact. The holiday specials that reappear only once a year. Who doesn't love Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin or the seven versions of Halloween—I don't want to spoil anything, but I don't think Michael Myers is ever going to really die—or one of my personal favourites... Hocus Pocus.

There's just something about themed movies that make them an instant hit, and Halloween is no exception. What better time to reacquaint yourself with your favourite vampire or discover a new werwolf. October seems to cry out for the scary and the unusual, and I'm more than happy to indulge.

Now, with respect to books, this means that all those Halloween themed stories have a new lease on life. Vampires and werewolves come out to play, giving authors a chance to show off their favourite creations. Like most authors, I have my favourite 'creature of the night' and I'm happy to announce that my second book in my vampire series, Dark Prophecy, is available for your Halloween reading pleasure.

Twice Bitten continues the saga of the powerful talisman hidden on the earth, and the vampires sworn to protect them. But if one vampire is sexy...does that mean two are double the fun? I'd love to introduce you to Gabriel and Mathias, the two daring vampire heroes in my new novel. Here's a bit about what these Enforcers are up against.

Twice bitten…once saved.

Despising the sight of blood isn’t a desirable quality for a vampire, never mind an Enforcer, a vampire sworn to protect a sacred talisman from those seeking its power. Couple that with a twin brother who can feel and taste your every sensation and immortality feels more like a curse. Too bad Gabe and Mathias’ troubles have just begun.

When the guardian of their talisman literally falls into their lap, they discover the draw of the pendant goes much deeper than just their pledge. It rekindles their sexual desires, and they’ll use all their vampire tricks to lure Ripley into their bed, and into their withered hearts.

But when Ripley discovers the truth, her life and the fate of the talisman are put to the test. Can the men earn back her trust or will this sunset be their last?


“So why the sudden retreat?” He waved his hand between him and Mathias. “Do we make you nervous?”

“Nervous?” She cringed when a shrill giggle bubbled free. “You make me feel a lot of things that just don’t seem natural.”

Mathias crowded her towards the desk. “Who’s to say they’re unnatural? Do you really need to define yourself by someone else’s conventions?”

“No, it’s just…”

Her voice rasped into a low moan, when Mathias stepped closer, brushing his bare chest against her. She raised her hands, intent on shoving him back, when her fingers brushed across his muscular frame, sending a jolt of desire stinging through her. She thought she saw a flash of blue light fill the room, before her head cleared, and the light faded.

“Careful, brother.” Gabe placed his hand on Mathias’ chest. “We can’t afford to have that damn thing pulsing out our location every few minutes.”

Ripley looked over to Gabe, certain she was completely losing her mind. She had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. To make matters worse, it felt as if her attraction had just doubled. Heat flared inside her, begging her to seek their touch. An image of her braced across the desk, Gabe at her feet, Mathias curled around her back, filled her senses, and she couldn’t crush the soft moan that broke from her chest.

The boys seemed to take the sound as a symbol of hope, and edged closer, surrounding her with their combined scent. It was dark and cool, the way the earth smelt at night just after a rainstorm. She tried not to inhale, but the dangerous aroma wove through her, increasing her need to taste their skin.

Gabe grazed a single finger along her arm. “So you’re not opposed to Sirus’ pleasure rooms. Have you ever played in one?”

She could only shake her head, all too aware of Mathias’ breath across her shoulder. He nuzzled her left ear, lightly licking the shell.

“But I sense that perhaps you wanted to.” Gabe drew her chin towards him with the tip of his finger. “Which room fascinated you the most?”

She closed her eyes, not sure she could face the desire shadowed in his, when his voice caressed the nape of her neck.

“Shall I guess?”

She shivered as his tongue traced an identical path on her other ear. It was hotter than she’d imagined, and she felt her reservations fading. She’d never trusted anyone to fulfil her fantasies, yet these men connected with her on a level she’d never considered. One that both scared and thrilled her.

“We’d never hurt you.” Mathias’ voice whispered across her skin.

Goose bumps erupted in its wake. She forced her eyes open, praying she’d have the strength to keep them at arm’s length, but aware she’d already lost the will to fight. She pressed her lips into a thin line, darting her gaze between them.

“I’m sorry, I…” She tried to find the words to explain, wondering why the thought of leaving them made her chest tighten. “I don’t even know you. I…” A wave of nausea crested her throat, threatening to empty her stomach. She braced one hand against the desk and prayed for divine intervention.

Trust your heart and the rest will follow.

Ripley drew a harsh breath, as she stared at Gabe, hoping he’d heard the ghostly female voice that had wavered in her head, only to curse at the strange expression he gave her. Gabe looked over at his brother, before finding her eyes again.

He sighed, his large shoulders drooping slightly. “I realise this feels strange to you. And it’s obvious you’re not one to jump into bed with a man, let alone two.”

He flashed her a smile that made her knees tremble and her stomach flutter.

“But there are some things that come down to a leap of faith. We’re prepared to jump, if you will.”

She took a deep breath, searching for clarity. There was something in his eyes that made it feel right. She smiled back, trying to hide the way her hands shook as she reached up and traced the strong curve of his jaw, loving how the muscle in his temple jumped at the simple contact.

“I’ve never…” She skimmed her gaze between the two men. It’s not as if she was a virgin, but she had a feeling her ‘vanilla sex’ wasn’t going to prepare her for what they had in mind.

Mathias eased closer, threading his hand through her hair. “So we’ll take it slow.”

Gabe leant in, his warm breath mixing with hers as his lips hovered an inch from her mouth. “How about we make a deal. If by sunset, you still want to walk away, we’ll just make sure you’re safe, then we’ll leave. No questions. No explanations.” He paused, easing impossibly closer. “But I’m hoping you’ll find that your faith hasn’t been misplaced.”

Ripley felt another pulse move through her, dissolving the last of her inhibitions. What possible harm could come from a day of hot sex?

She let the thought soothe her nerves as she smiled at both men. “Sunset it is.”

Whether you love to trick or treat, or you find any excuse to have dinner out that night, Halloween is the official start of the winter holidays. With Thanksgiving just around the corner (for our American friends) and Christmas a mere two months away, Halloween is the start in the almighty rush to the end of the year. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday and remember... if you see a vampire, he might just be your destiny.


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