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What is it about tattoos?

There often seems to be little middle ground when it comes to tattoos. People either love the idea of decorating one’s skin with ink or they hate it. I fall into the ‘love them’ category-if the work is well done and the design tasteful.

was busy last week cruising the internet for tattoo photos to go with my November Kaenar Unkovered for the next issue of the Total-E-Bound monthly newsletter. It’s so easy to get totally carried away when you go looking for anything on the world wide web. I found way more photos than I needed so I decided to use the rest of them for this monthly blog post. If you want to see the others, check out Kaenar Unkovered when the newsletter goes live November 1st.

I’m always amazed at the tattoos people choose. Some tattoos seem to worship the human body while others desecrate it. I’ll show you some of each.

I’ll start with the ‘why the heck would you do that to yourself’ tattoos. Do the bearers not realize that when a tattoo is placed on their body it is going to be permanent?

“Hi, I’m here to apply for the job as assistant manager of your bank?” (I don’t think so.)

“Mom, Dad- meet my new boyfriend.” (Not in this lifetime.)

“I think I’ll pretend my arm was ripped off and sewn back on. The chicks will love it.” (You’re kidding, right?)

“Oh man, all the guys at the bar are going to think this is so cool. And so am I.” (Give your head a shake.)

Okay, folks-you put a comment to this one. (Game of life, anyone?)

“Wait until my friends see my cool tattoo.” (How could anyone think this is cool?)

“I want everyone to know I’m a computer geek.” (You probably don’t need a tattoo for that.)

Now the line of taste begins to blur. What I think is
neat or amazing, someone else may think is horrible. Here are some tattoos that I think are worth a second look, even just to contemplate the sheer guts needed to sit long enough to have some of these huge tatts inked into the skin.

This is Sephiroth, a character from Final Fantasy VII.

As authors, readers, and lovers of books, surely we can, in some way, appreciate a tattoo such as this.

Or this.

Can you guess which famous sports figure decorated his torso with this tattoo?

Sleeve tattoos are very popular.

Full back tattoos are popular as well.

We have angel wings.

And angels.

So that’s my quick look at some of the tattoos I found. There are lots more, especially some adorning gorgeous male bodies, in the next Kaenar Unkovered.

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See you next month and stay naughty,


Kaenar Langford

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Cool and bizarre, Kaenar,

It's funny how attitudes toward tattoos have changed. They used to be viewed as edgy and daring. Now they're so common they're boring. All right, I agree that some of these aren't (boring). In fact they are works of art, even the really strange ones (like the skull)...


Annabeth Carew said...

There's a story with video in the news today about a guy from Portland, Oregan called Matt Gone who is 98% covered in tatts, and who just injected the whites of his eyes with ink to be the first person with tattooed eyeballs. Left eyeball is very blue, right eye not so green, with brown irises.
Nutty as a fruitcake, of course.

How about Mr. Cool Ice? Bet he pulls the birds.

Molly Daniels said...

Yeah, I don't think some people think before they ink...Two years ago, a woman came into the dentist office with tear drops tattooed on her face. Looked hideous, imho. Now sleeve tatts? Some look nicer than others.

One of my friends (now ex) girlfriend has a tatt similar to the 'game of Life'...I think hers were either flowers or angel wings.

Jenna Byrnes said...

These are hilarious, Kaenar!

Rie McGaha said...

Some of those I have seen before and still shake my head and wonder why! I think tattoos are a very personal choice and I have several but nothing quite so bold as these!

Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

JP said...

Tribal tat round the bicep - sexy - on the face - not so much!