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Being Prepared.

Now, I don't know about you but I love Christmas, I really do but when i started to see wrapping paper and Christmas cards arriving in shops back in August I did moan about it somewhat. No wonder so many people are burnt out on Christmas if the shops start the build up so damn early!

So, basically I'm apologising in advance for talking up a Christmas story in the middle of November but, it is now, as I write this only 38 days 22 hours and 42 minutes 'til Christmas and I know I am already getting prepared for the big day.

This year I am making several homemade gifts. I believe that Christmas is a time for giving, for sharing and for parties I do not believe it is a time for debt that will see you through the whole new year too! Christmas is not about the consumerism at all. A well thought out gift is the best gift, no matter the price in my opinion. So this year as money is tight the world over, it's time to say no to consumerism and just enjoy the Spirit of the Season.

I've started on some quilts I'm making and have a couple more sewing projects to finish before the big day. I'm also going to have a go at making my own bath products to give as presents this year, I'm looking forward to giving that a whirl.

I'm also thinking about preparing my Christmas Cake and Pudding, I shall probably do that next week. They need a few weeks to sit in their lovely liquor to get moist and boozy and all round delicious.

So I'm thinking about it and getting prepared so count this as you getting prepared for your festive reading!

Jodi and Mike are both pretty poor. Jodi works in a toll booth by the Mersey in Liverpool and Mike works at a kids hospital. Mike is an orphan and Jodi has no family left in the world. They're both solitary characters but both of them go out of their way to do something special for others for Christmas. Mike gives up his time to work extra shifts over Christmas to give those with families a chance to be with them and Jodi bakes cakes and makes potent eggnog to give out to her elderly and housebound friends and neighbours. And they meet by the serendipity of Chance one night when Mike forgets his money for the toll.

It has all the hallmarks of a sweet, Christmas story but not only is this story sweet, it is magical and our couple get to experience the magic of Christmas up close and personal on Christmas Eve when Mike's car breaks down. To find out more you need to pick up a copy of Chirstmas Spirit Warms the Heart from Total-E-Bound. Pick it up now and save it up for a festive treat. I guarantee you that you'll feel so much more Christmssy when you finish reading it!

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