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Hello to all on this autumnal Saturday.

Last month I embarked on my quest to outline and refine the attributes of the perfect erotic romance hero. This month I aim to cover the subject of hair. But, since I have a story out on Monday in the Master Me anthology, I thought perhaps I could combine this with a spot of promotion, so rather than an all-purpose hair post, I have decided to concentrate on the bristly issue of masterful hairstyles.

The man in my story, Dexter, organises people's lives for a living, so it seemed obvious that he would be the kind of dude whose hair is never out of place. Neatly clipped, shaved at the sides, cutting off sharply at the nape of his neck. As to colour, I recall mentioning that it was that indeterminate shade known as pepper and salt. The closest I can get to it is this picture of John Simm:
Not that Dexter looks anything like John Simm at all, oh no, *cough*. But I will casually mention that Simm has played a character called The Master and move swiftly on.

So this particular Dom has this particular hair. But is it a stereotype to expect the man on the dominant side of the power exchange to have neat hair? I'm sure there are whip-wielding men with luxuriant manes a la Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen:
I just find it stretches my imagination a little too far (and wouldn't all those curls get caught up in the lashes anyway?). Image-google "long haired dom" and you get lots of pictures of girls and cats and blokes named Dominic. I rest my case!

Of course, the bald dom is another possibility. Yul Brynner in The King and I springs to mind. But I do like a little bit of hair, at least - a man who is too overtly scary in appearance doesn't really work for me. I need a little softness to leaven all the delicious cruelty going on.

So, short and neat it is. Works for me. How about you?

(My story, A Very Personal Trainer, is out on Monday, as part of the Master Me anthology.)


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Justine,

Personally, I find men with long hair very intense and exciting. Short hair doesn't do it for me - although I'll make exceptions for individuals.

Check out my post on Wednesday for a picture of a "long-haired dom".

See you "under the covers"!


Justine Elyot said...

Oh, I can't WAIT to see him now.

I was all about long-haired men for YEARS - I don't know why I went off them, though it coincided with my husband getting a haircut, so maybe that was it.

I still love long hair if it's on a hero in a historical story though.