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London's allure


I can't stop writing about her.

Right now I make my home in The Netherlands--and let me tell you, Amsterdam is a glorious location to set erotic romance. I've been slipping her in where I can and I'm sure she'll star in one of my stories sooner rather than later.

For now, though, my four years of living in London still have a tight grip on my imagination. Sure, she can be shabbier than I like to remember, and my quality of life when I was with her wasn't great, and she always left me wanting more. But it was London who taught me to love, London who taught me to lust, London who taught me to dream big -- is it any wonder that I want to stay faithful?

What I love about writing (and reading) about London is that she always gives you something new to play with. London's massive -- all interconnected villages that each have their own distinct flavour and stories. There's something waiting to be explored and exploited for every story, and even better, you can create a unique atmosphere through the character's different experiences of the city.

I've got three erotic stories coming up from Total E-Bound, and all are set in and around London. Because, as much as I enjoy writing about London, I like writing about Londoners most of all.

A love of Londoners was a big inspiration for His Christmas Present, my 20th December 2011 release. The story takes place at a fabulous Christmas party, jammed full of sexy people from every walk of London life as experienced by Tim, the hottest cabbie you'd ever wish in the driver's seat.

I got so inspired, as it happens, that I went on to write more of those Londoners. One of the more outrageous party-goers, Valentine, gets his own story -- Taking It Off -- which will be released on, you guessed it, 14th February 2011. And the house on the outskirts of London where the party takes place will feature in my 28th March 2011 threesome Playing with Prudence -- only it's a different London, Victorian London, in 1864!

London's so vastly, richly detailed that no one has exactly the same London experience. I can't wait to share my characters' erotic adventures there with you.

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Justine Elyot said...

Ah, Rachel, you are talking my language here - as a London obsessive who sets lots of stories in the city, I can more than relate.

Which are the London settings you have used? I seem to constantly set stories on and around the tube, for some reason.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Rachel,

I've spent too little time in London to set a convincing story there (at least, in the present -- I have written one that takes place in Shakespeare's London!) but it has always seemed to me to be a brilliantly complex city.

Good luck with all the releases!


Rachel Randall said...

@Justine I'm a bit obsessed with characters who work in the City at the moment because if there's one thing that banker's bonuses are good for, it's fantasies about what pleasures they might indulge with that money!

I suspect I've got just as much London off the page in the character's backstories, as is on the page! The best part of character-building in my household is deciding where the person will live. Tim, the cabbie in His Christmas Present, for instance, has a place near Victoria Park, while the party was nearly held at the Old Street loft but moved to the Surrey house at the last minute ;)

Now, I'm curious -- do you favour a particular Tube line for your character's escapades? I can imagine the Jubilee line being fun for hanky-panky, but never the unsexy Northern line!

Rachel Randall said...

@Lisabet I love the way that you use setting in your stories -- more fun for me to read stuff that's set somewhere I've never visited :)

And thank you!