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My Grateful Post

It's American Thanksgiving in just two days, a time to sit back, relax, and focus on what we're thankful for. Okay, there's a certain amount of eating in there too, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie...but still time to appreciate all the gifts I've been given over the years.

I'm truly thankful to have been given a love of the written word. A voracious reader from a young age, I took that interest one step further when I decided I'd like to try my hand at writing. 60+ novels, novellas and short stories later, I can happily say I've done it, and it was a blast.

I'm not stopping, but I am slowing down. The feverish pace I used to work at left me feeling behind on a good day. Life's too short to be worrying about what else I should be doing all the time. I have a beautiful family and two other jobs besides writing, and I want to devote proper attention to everything that needs it.

My focus in the new year will be on the novels I co-author with my good friend Jude Mason. We have too much fun writing together, I'm in no hurry to give that up. Our Kindred Spirits series is picking up steam, we've recently completed the fifth book and have plotted number six.

So back to that 'thankful' list. I'm grateful every day that I met Jude. She gives me encouragement, support and her shoulder on a daily basis. We may be thousands of miles apart, but thanks to the internet, it feels like she's right next door. Everyone should be blessed with a friend like her.

I'm very thankful to be published with TEB. They're a high quality, extremely efficient and organized publisher. The owners, staff and editors are truly wonderful to work with.

All of the authors I've 'met' online are a great sounding board and comfort to me. It's wonderful to have people to bounce things off of, and to know I'm not alone in this sometimes wacky business!

I've met a few special readers online, and it's always a pleasure. I know there are many more out there I'll probably never connect with, but I hope everyone knows how much I appreciate the support!

I'm blessed to be employed, and have a nice roof over my head. I have a terrific family and wonderful friends in my life. It's been a busy, up and down roller coaster ride of a year. But as we approach the end of it, I'm pleased to say we're all doing okay, and that there's officially 22% less of me this year than there was last year this time. LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Have a great week everyone.

Jenna Byrnes


J. Mason said...

Ah Jenna,

How very sweet. I've never met your family, but there are times when I feel as if I know them well through out chats. Meeting you, both online and in person were high points of my life. I mean, you're not up there with child birth or marriage, but you're not far behind.

Thank you for your patients and shoulder when I've needed them. You're a special woman.

I gotta agree with you about TEB and the authors and staff. They're all pretty awesome.

Gotta go and edit this monster you sent me now. Have an amazing day, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Annabeth Carew said...

Wow! 60+ books! You sure have done it, Jenna!

As a new TEB author with only one book as yet unreleased I am gobsmacked with admiration.

Congratulations on all your good work!


Jenna Byrnes said...

Jude and Annabeth, Thanks for stopping by! Annabeth, good luck on your writing endeavors. It's a blast, Jude and I can tell you that. Have fun.


Pat said...

I'm thankful for all the writers I have meant on line