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Real Life Vs. Romance Novels

I need to delve deep into a good romance novel right now. My belief is slipping that any true heroes exist.

Why, you ask?

First, I am declaring war on umpires. Not all, but those who call my husband late at night then again early in the morning. Translation: after 10 pm and before 7 am. Actually, I don't like anyone to call before 9 but especially not before 8. I particularly get mad when people call after 11 and even midnight!

When they do it on both ends of the spectrum and I can't sleep, I get very cranky. My day job boss doesn't understand why I'm sleepy, or why I can't stop people interupting my sleep. Unfortunately ear plugs and eye masks don't drown out loud voices and ringers. I'm about to move into a separate house. Bye bye real life romance.

Then, as I was pulling into work this morning, the man behind me tailgated, then sped around. Then he doubled back and cut me off again when I had right of way. Our speed limit is 15 mph. He was doing, oh, maybe, mach 6. We weren't even late. Remember, I got woken up really early today? So I was half hour early.

I won't even get into what my oldest son is doing to drive me crazy. I feel sorrier for his wife than for me, however.

All this reminds me of the opening scene in "Jewel of the Nile" with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. The one where she envisions the hero saving himself and leaving her to fight the pirates.

Often a romance novel starts with an alpha male aka jerk. As the story progresses they begin to shine as they fall in love with the heroine (or in the case of several of my books, the other hero.) We pray that later they don't revert to their old selves. At least not with us, the love of their life.

One of my editors recently sent a note that the sex was hot but the romance was lacking. Thus I'm working on bringing on the romance. Somehow, I need to do that in real life, too. I suppose that means separate houses, even separate rooms, is out.

What I need is a genie!

The day after my birthday, November 22nd, I'm giving all of you a genie in my new paranormal erotic romance "Abracadabra". How I wish I had a genie's powers--or do I?

Here's hoping there's lot of love, romance, magic, and no phones in your life.


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