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She Thinks My Race Car's Sexy

I was asked to write something for the blog about what inspires me. Hee hee. Lots. But I whittled it down a bit. (and yes, it was hard, but I toughed it out)

You all know I love me some racing, but there is one division that holds my heart. Yes, it's Late Model Dirt Racing, World of Outlaws style! There's something sexy about a car going fast, kicking up dirt, and seeing a chisled body emerge with a fine sheen of sweat. :::Good shivers:::

I've written a couple of race themed shorts on my site and I've written a couple longer stories with NASCAR elements. I'll get them to the light of publication one day.

I added some pics and a video. Love videos. Here's my favorites. Tim McCreadie and Josh Richards for make look like a whole lotta fun to drive fast and turn left.

Ain't it a purty car?

My, sir, that's some massive...wood...

He looks young, but don't let the baby face fool you. He's got skills.

Nothin' purtier than a shiny new race car.

Here's a video (courtesy of Texas Dirt Network)

Well, I'm ready to go write a hot and heavy race car romance... be back....later


Justine Elyot said...

Lol at the massive wood!
Must admit, I'm not a fan of racing - so noisy - but those cars are sexy, and all the risk and engine oil makes for great erotic romance.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Heack yeah there's lots of room for inspiration. And the noise and the dirt....well, you get used to it. Plus, the drivers are darned attractive.

I couldn't pass up the wood comment. :P

Em Woods said...

I'm such a Nascar fan...this post made me drool a little! :)

I haven't made it to an outlaw race yet but I've watched them on TV. Those boys are crazy! LOL...

And honestly, I've been a little worried to dip into a Nascar romance for fear of it doing what you mentioned in your author spotlight - being relegated to the background and becoming watered down.