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Wow I have missed some posts... but Im back!

Ahoy everyone!

Its been wild the past couple of months, and I'm happy to say its all winding down, and I can get back to normal. And with the Holidays here, I'm not sure how normal that's going to be, lol.

Audra and I are writing a short for Valentines Day (I think), revolving around Anya from A Gift Of Daybreak, and her Lion shifter suitor. Its going well, and we should have it to our editor in a few weeks.

For anyone that doesn't know, To Collar and Keep, the second in our American Satyrs series, has been doing well. If you haven't read it yet, you should. Its a sexy, naughty little story about our Rummer prince, Harlequin and the woman that would be his, the Grecian princess Arabella. Its been getting amazing reviews, and I know you'll just love it. I mean, who doesn't love a dominant sexy man who lives for your pleasure? LOL.

Well this holiday has been awesome. Hope everyone had a terrific turkey day (if your in the states) and didn't get wild with the insanity of shopping (thank god for online shopping!).

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