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Baby, Its Cold Outside

Despite the cutting cold, rampant commercialism and the general hassle that can come with the season, I enjoy Christmas. I love it for what it can bring. Not the presents; the days of me excitedly rushing down to the tree on Christmas morning have long since passed, I like my lie-ins way too much! Certainly not the weather; I am no fan of the cold and snow just makes even a basic journey difficult, not least because London became complacent after many years of snow-free winters.

No, I love it for the less tangible benefits it can offer. It is a period in which I leave work aside, and take the opportunity to relax. I can catch up with people that I barely get to see for the rest of the year and, most importantly, spend some time with my family (and annoy them by caterwauling carols, hymns and Christmas songs). In addition, I quite like the fact that eating copious amounts of food is almost a requirement.

There is something distinctly satisfying about the current period, that between Christmas and new year. At least it is for those who don’t have to work in-between and can avoid the cold. I always like to use the opportunity for relaxation before the celebration and, this year, with a bit of promotion thrown in—which is no bad thing. It is the time of year when hope kicks in—that sense of promise that comes with the approach of a brand new year, even if it does all go out of the window on 1 January!

In addition to celebrating the arrival of 2011, I also have a birthday right after that, a new title, Lady in Red, released with TEB (excerpt below) the day after that and will take a turn on the Author Spotlight in January. If you have events to celebrate, it just makes good efficient sense to line them up in a row!

Hope you all have many events that deserve celebration, including a great new year.

“I know you thought of me this weekend. It stands to reason you would accept a dinner invitation.”
Her body failed to deliver the snort of derision that her brain was instructing it to, leaving her only able to hold his gaze despite the fact that he couldn’t possibly have known what she was thinking. However, the feeling of being read by him returned and made her proceed tentatively.
“What do you mean I ‘thought of’ you?”
As he slipped his hand beneath the jacket she wore, he briefly broke their eye contact to look at her figure as he gradually exposed it. In the process of stroking his fingers along the side of her body, he drew the jacket away from it to watch the progress of his hand highlighted against a background of red.
“It’s the reason you bought this sexy dress.”
There were a number of questions that could have arisen as a result of his comments—Had he followed her? If not, how did he know the dress was new? Why did he think that she bought it as a result of his influence? However, she didn’t think of any of them as she was focused on the fact that he liked the dress and clearly thought she looked good in it.
His eyes returned to hers as he brushed a few strands of hair from her face, moving forward at the same time to put pressure on her body with the weight of his own. It was the preparation for the soft kiss he pressed to her upper lip, splitting her legs with one of his own as he leaned into her body.
With her eyes closed, Florence felt his warm breath against her lips as he pulled back but continued to hover, his body remaining pressed to hers. She opened her eyes to see him looking into her face, seeming to study every inch of it. She looked at his lips, watching them intently as if that would reduce the wait for them to return to hers. Lack of action caused what little patience she had to immediately wane, continuing to look at him as she reached around his waist to hold him. Although it seemed to be the right time for her action, a small part of her believed it to be forward and she attempted to test his reaction to determine what side of the fence he fell on.
Relief and pleasure mingled and flooded her body when his lips once again connected with hers in a slow deep kiss that made her skin tingle. Tightly holding him between her thighs, her arms acted in unison by sliding up his back as she succumbed to the sudden burst of desire that exploded deep within her. It developed further until her arms reached up around his neck, clinging to him as if attempting to climb up his body and causing the jacket to fall from her shoulders.


Justine Elyot said...

I hope you're enjoying that relaxing post-Christmas pre-New-Year time, Shermaine. I wish you every success for 2011 :).

Shermaine Williams said...

Thanks, Justine. I am avoiding anything that resembles stress or hassle at all costs!

Hope you enjoy yourself, no matter what you are up to, and that you have a great new year.

widdershins said...

The 'Tween-Times' might just be the best thing about this season.... after unwrapping the loot that is .... and eating all that food... and ... and ...

Shermaine Williams said...

I agree, widdershins, a little decompression before more revelry!