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Bearded or Clean-Shaven?

This is the topic of debate on today's Perfect Hero post. Do you write men with whiskers or must the cheek the heroine gets to nuzzle be velvety-smooth?

I have plenty of time in my erotic romance life for both. Perhaps I might not go for the full Santa Claus, but a well-trimmed beard on the right face can work wonders (and add some interesting sensations, let's say...). The Sheriff of Nottingham gets it right, plus he probably shaves with a Spanish steel dagger for extra machismo points.

I tend to steer clear of moustaches, mainly because you just don't seem them around so often - unless my hero is Victorian, in which case he will have a fine set of whiskers and a shaving brush.

My favourite, though, especially for an angsty scene, is the good old unshaven stubbly look. It might lead to an unsightly rash after the curtain-dropping kiss, but it certainly works that rugged charm a treat.

Which facial hairstyle do you favour?


Sommer Marsden said...

Hey, look at me here procrastinating from my WIP.

No beard. No porn mustaches. No huge amount of facial hair. I can handle a goatee (but not one of those landing strip thingies). I can handle a fabulously stubbly man (that is the preference for moi). I can even handle the "beard gets a buzz cut" look which Jason Stantham sports in The Expendables. Where it looks like a beard and is shaped like a beard but isn't much longer than stubble.

There ya go. My incredibly opinionated take on facial hair.

I think i get so rabid about it b/c the man grew a porn 'stache right before our wedding. I begged and pleaded and begged and wept asking him to shave his Snidely Whiplash facial 'do but no go. Two weeks after the wedding he shaved it. So now forever and ever and ever in all our wedding pics he looks like a villian in a Dudley Do Right cartoon (o_O)


Molly Daniels said...

I've become a fan of the goatee...well trimmed, of course:) Can't stand scraggly beards on my man...

Justine Elyot said...

Oh, Sommer, I am so JEALOUS that you have Snidely Whiplash in your wedding photos - I would love that! Actually, the Mr wavers between clean-shaven and bearded, but he's never done the porn 'stache thing. I must admit, I'm curious to know what he'd look like with one...but am I THAT curious?

Molly, I love a good goatee, especially if it makes the wearer look a bit like the devil.

Sommer Marsden said...

lol. that is why i approve of the goatee on the man. he does look a bit like the devil with it. much, much better than the porn 'stache. trut me.