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Buy yourself a shifter for Christmas

Watch for the release of Mated on December 27 at and take a shifter into your bedroom. I promise you wont be sorry.
What is a Sentinel?
A Sentinel is a person or thing that watches, stands guard. Stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attach. In ancient times they were an elite army formed to defend the land, even before the time of Queen Azshara.
Wolf shapeshifters came to be in the time of the Ancients and usually live in packs, run by an alpha. Sometimes a mated pair. They are a race of supernatural shapeshifters, considered in mythology superior to all other shifters. After puberty they experience an awakening into their transformative abilities. They are often hired out as guards.
And that is how this particular group came to be, orphans who banded together to form a new pack and designated themselves as guards and protectors of others.
In the first four books we learned who and what they are and four of The Sentinels had their individual stories. Now comes Mated, Cale Martin’s story.
Blurb:Cale knew the moment he met her that Linnea Porter was his mate but how could he could convince of that in the midst of her turmoil? When The Sentinels are hired to look into the disappearance of her sister, Cale is tagged as the lead. The surge of lust he experienced when he showed up for their first meeting was not exactly what he expected. Nor was he prepared for his inner wolf to reach out to her.
For Linnea, fascinated by shapeshifters, Cale calls to something primitive inside her As they focus on finding her sister, the bond between them continues to grow. He stands guard as her sentinel, but can he also be her mate?Excerpt:
They sat in silence for a long moment. Cale knew he should leave but somehow he couldn’t make himself get up out of the chair. And Linnea was staring at him with a strange expression on her face, as if searching for something to say.
“You look like you have a question. Spit it out.”
Her lips curved in a half-smile. “You might get mad at me.”
Cale laughed softly. “Darlin’, it takes a lot to get me mad.”
Still she stared at him.
“Go n, Linnea. It can’t be that bad.”
She inhaled slowly, then eased the breath out. “You’re a Sentinel, so does that mean…are you wolf?”
Of all the things he’d expected her to ask, that was the last one. Yet it made sense, if she knew about Brian. And the rest of The Sentinels.
He nodded. “Yes. I am. Does that bother you?”
Something flashed in her eyes. Was that desire? For the animal? His cock flexed and strained against his jeans.
Down, boy.
“No.” Her tongue peeked out to wet her bottom lip and his cock nearly pushed its way through his zipper. “It fascinates me.” Her tongue moved again. “Could I ask you a very personal question?”
Personal? Now what?
“Sure. Go ahead.” He forced himself to sit calmly in the chair.
“I don’t dare ask Regan. I wouldn’t stick my nose into her private life, but…I mean, she and Brian have such chemistry between them. When you…mate? Is that the right word?…do you…have sex in both human and animal form?”
She looked so embarrassed yet fascinated that Cale wanted to laugh but he held himself in check. She’d obviously been giving this a whole lot of thought. And the idea made his cock even harder.
“We only mate in animal form with another wolf. But many of us are married to humans and it doesn’t diminish our feelings if we cannot mate as wolf.” And then, because she’d opened the door, he said, “And the sex is still off the charts.”
If possible her face turned even redder. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be asking you this.” She looked down at her hands. “It’s just that…well, Regan always looks so happy. So fulfilled. More than any of my other friends who have, um, normal partners.”
Cale chuckled softly. “I’m sure she is.”
“And…and…” She stood up and walked to the window, looking out at the night as if unable to face him while she talked. “You’ll think I’m totally shameless when I tell you this, but other…regular…men don’t seem to appeal to me anymore. I keep wondering if maybe I’m meant for…something more.”
Cale’s heart thudded. He’d felt an instant attraction to Linnea the moment she’d opened the door. All his senses had gone on high alert and he’d ruthlessly suppressed them. Now he wondered if Fate hadn’t somehow arranged for him to meet this human. If perhaps she’d turn out to be the mate he’d been seeking so unproductively. Brian and Luke had made very successful marriages with humans. Was that what was supposed to be in store for him?
He swallowed a smile, thinking how unlikely a candidate this delicate-looking female was to have such driving curiosity about the wolf.
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