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Christmas Revelry from Rachel Randall

On 20th December, His Christmas Present is coming to a stocking near you...

You are cordially commanded to attend my Christmas revel...

When London cabbie Tim drives the gorgeous Diana to a costume party, he eagerly accepts her invitation to stay. He soon learns that this is no ordinary holiday bash. It's an exclusive sex party, where saucy Secret Santa favours are exchanged and even the Christmas tree's hung — with condoms.

Diana has chosen Tim as the perfect gift for their charismatic host, Max. But before Max gets to unwrap his Christmas present, the other guests want to play naughty and nice with his new boy-toy. Tim's in for a very sexy Christmas Eve. Welcome to the party.

12 reasons to put this sexy story on your holiday wishlist...

12. You’re invited to Max Lyell's annual Christmas party! And trust me, it’s a very exclusive guest list. Looking for a fling with someone gorgeous, unattached and in-all-ways flexible? You’ll fit right in…

11. Everyone’s a hotass at this party. Seriously. Whatever your tastes, you’ll find a guest to cater to them. And if you prefer to be surprised, there’s always the fun of a very saucy game of Secret Santa. Whose favour will you draw this year?

10. Holiday treats to get you in the mood. Everyone loves a bit of sparkle and Max’s mansion always has all the best festive bling, from decorated trees to champagne cocktails.

9. Diana. Putting the bold and blonde into bombshell, Diana may be thinking of Max's pleasure, but she's come with her own agenda for the evening. Look out for a special free read starring Diana in my 7th January Hotspot.

8. This story contains egregious abuse of both Dickens AND Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Oh, come on, you know you’re curious now.

7. Lee. Last seen in The Festival Spirit, Lee’s the life of the party, and he’s eager to make sure everyone else has a good time too.

6. Valentine. You’ll know him when you meet him. Valentine’s the tall, confident one with the gorgeous rasp of a voice and the mouth you can’t wait to feel on your—

5. Snow! (The lovely fluffy holiday fantasy kind, not the slushy grey kind that cancels school for the kids and makes your commute miserable.) His Christmas Present comes with a conveniently fictional and picturesque snowstorm. The weather outside may be frightful, but inside this story it's delightful.

4. Max, your powerfully attractive host. Max is used to getting what he wants and if you’re very good, he might even let you watch.

3. Tim. He can hardly believe it when one last fare turns into his lucky night and he's determined to enjoy the most hedonistic Christmas he's ever spent.

2. The very idea of it. That you could be given to someone as their Christmas present. That you could play around with other people all night long but know that come midnight, you're his.

1. Admission’s only $4.36 / £2.49 from Total E-Bound. That’s a much better deal than another packet of mince pies, or one too many cocktails at the work Xmas ‘do you’ll only regret come next Monday.

Have a fantastic holiday season and see you at the party on 20th December!

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