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Gadget Takeover

I’ve admitted more than a few times I am a gadget junkie. All my friends and family know this about me. Since I am the gadget guru of my family and to some of my friends they come to me when there are gadget questions. I tend to like to know all I can about a gadget so when they ask they know what they are getting into. I’ve learned not to get too technical since whoever is asking eyes glaze over when I do. When there is a new gadget that I see and I want I have been known to talk about all its virtues and drawback. Often and very loud if needed. LOL.

Well with the holiday season fast approaching I have been checking out gadgets. Sigh just saying that gives this gadget junkie a thrill. I’ve been trying to convince my sister for ages to get an e-reader. She does not like gadgets at all (putting hand against forehead.) Where did I go wrong? I was planning to get her one for Christmas then show her how to use it. I was determined to drag her into my gadget world despite her objections. Imagine my surprise when she called a few weeks ago wanting to get one and for me to tell her what to get. I had to tell her what her Christmas gift was but I was so happy she agreed to get one. And I didn’t even have to guilt her about all the money I spent and she wasn’t using my wonderful gadget gift. I’m really good at guilt. So with my sis waiting eagerly (snort, that is such a lie) I’ve been looking into what she should get based on what she wants to use it for. Hey any excuse to look at gadgets (grin).

Well I got another shock. My other sister who is also not into technology recently called to tell me her hubby got her an iPad for her birthday. And she was excited about it. (pumping fist) I was excited right along with her. Not to mention proud she has come to the gadget side.

Two converts down in my plan. I’m slowly converting my family and friends in my gadget takeover plan. (eyeing some others out there) They have no clue who will be next. Say it with me - Gadgets are Good.

Back to my sis’s iPad. After hearing about her getting the iPad I of course am a nice shade of color. Green that is. Color me green with envy. (wink) I want one. Like now. (sigh) No iPad appeared. I have to work on my wishing skills.

Well until I can wish one up I have a date real soon to meet the new gadget addition to the family. The iPad. (thumpy, thumpy) There goes this gadget junkie’s heart beating in anticipation. Hmm… I wonder if I can negotiate visitation rights with my sis’s iPad. LOL. Probably not. But I will at least get to see and hopeful touch it longingly.

Now help a gadget junkie out. What are some gadgets you have or wish you had?

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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