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Happy New Year! What's Your Pleasure?

A bit of day dreaming is the perfect way to start 2011--right? Absolutely. I have three scenarios for you, which is your pleasure?

1)You are the proud owner of a new condo. It has a secluded porch that overlooks the water; it's perfect for sun bathing in the nude. Problem is, the railing is a bit loose and you're afraid that after one too many cranberry vodkas you might tumble over the edge. You call the local carpenter, he shows up, and he's super sweet and really helpful. He knows exactly what you need, and it isn't a tighter railing. 
2)  You won a weekend getaway at a dude ranch in a really isolated location in Arizona. It's a family friendly ranch, but you decide to go any way--you could use some time away to relax and get caught up on your reading. But when you arrive, you discover that the ranch has switched over to all adults, but the public doesn't know yet. All the families have canceled their reservations and the only people at the ranch are the cowboys. Sad, lonely cowboys with nothing to do but take care of you.
3) It's Saturday afternoon and you have the whole day off; even though you see each other all the time, you're planning to spend it with your best friend. You're about half way to her house when your car breaks down. You pull over and text your friend: have to cancel, sorry. She texts back: don't worry! get home safe! You're just about to call the tow service when a guy pulls up. He asks you if you want to go for a ride. Then he asks if you need a lift.


Lisabet Sarai said...

(Giggle!) This is great, Isabelle!

"He knows exactly what you need, and it isn't a tighter railing."

Happy New Year indeed!

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