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Hot, Hot Holidays!

Wow. Is it that time of year already?

Christmas shopping, visiting family and friends, eggnog, cookie baking (my favourite!)...all the hustle and bustle sometimes leaves us frazzled and wondering what possesses us to participate in this yuletide season.

Well, it's time to take a break and enjoy some holiday cheer...
So grab up your eReader, pour some eggnog, pile up those cookies (they don't count this time of year anyway!), and kick back in your favourite chair.

This Monday December 13th, Total-e-Bound's Yule Be Mine Holiday Collection hits the digital bookshelves. Of course, one of those books that you'll get to feast your eyes upon is mine:

Chasing Alex

Trapped by a snowstorm in a remote cabin in northern Michigan, photographer Victor Schwartz hopes to convince his assistant, Alex Merit, that he has serious intentions...but will Alex see past the playboy to the man who wants it all, or will he toss Victor out in the cold?

For a taste of Chasing Alex, visit my blog at

So, let's lift our glasses of (spiked) eggnog...and make a toast.
Here's to a warm and wonderful holiday season.
See you guys in the New Year.

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