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Keyboard Catastrophe

OMG, my keyboard died!

I know, I know, not the post you were all expecting, and it's not one I'd planned, but I'm afraid this is what you're getting this month.


I mean literally, it just stopped working last Sunday morning. 

Here's how it happened

I got up as usual. Stumbled down the hall into the kitchen and turned the heat up in the house, flicked on the coffee maker then went to the den where hubby and I share space. I turned on my comp and his then went to shower and get dressed. Hubby, the lovely man, lay snoring. Man can sleep through anything.

So, with a fresh coffee in hand, I sat down and went to my email. That’s what I do pretty much every morning. I received a message from my editor, Janice. (A lovely woman who tears my work to shreds then helps me rebuild it) Anyhoo, all she wanted to know was if it was all right to change one slang word in my most recent ms to another before sending it off to the proofer. I clicked on reply and …. NOTHING! I couldn’t type a work…a letter…NADA!

Oh my God, what am I going to do? I need a keyboard.

So, after swallowing my stomach, I figured maybe it was one of those dumbass glitches computers have from time to time. I turned mine off, checked the cords to make sure everything was plugged in and started my baby back up again.

You ever realize how long it takes for a computer to start up? I mean, mine you have to click on the user thingie, then you wait for all the programs to load up. I have a back up thing that takes FOREVER! But, I waited patiently for everything to settle down.

Opened a ms. Tried to type. Again, I got nothing.

Now I’m in full blown panic mode.

I have to respond to my editor. It’s just not polite to leave the woman hanging, right? I need my keyboard!

Yes, I know, I’m repeating myself. (Sorry Janice!)

I could steal hubby’s. Right?

Nah, he doesn’t have an ergo board, so I’d be pulling my hair out in short order.

It was time to make sure the old dear was really screwed. Drag out the old spare we keep around, just for situations like this and hooked it up. Yes, it works, but the keys stick, some don’t work well and it’s just not worth its weight in cardboard. But, it did tell me mine wasn’t dead.

I forced down my panic and went into the bedroom, woke hubby up and said, in as calm a voice as possible, “I’m going to town. I’ll be back soon.”

He, in his usual morning brilliance, said, “Fine, see ya.” And commence snoring. (Talk about sympathy…LOL)

Now, I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here, this close to the holiday season, going to town is anything but simple, or fast. Traffic moved at a snail’s pace. I hit every red light on the way. There was a road block, three cop cars had a car pulled over, with a man who looked like he’d been partying all night and just realized he was late for a meeting, standing (I should say weaving, because he’d obviously been drinking, or using something else to alter his reality and shouldn’t have been driving) in the middle of my lane. Sigh!

Anyhoo, the first store I went to had no ergo boards left. OMG! I hadn’t even thought about there not being any available. Panic reared its ugly head and I sat in the car, fingers tight on the wheel and said a little prayer to the computer gods. “Please, please, please, let there be one in town.”

Off I went, again. The gods must have been listening. Yes! Success in store number 2.

Not cheap, but I was a very happy woman when I walked out the door of store number 2, keyboard firmly tucked under my arm.

So, home and hooked up, I now have a shiny new keyboard, very nearly exactly like the one that died. Course, it has its little foibles. The space bar clicks (I wonder if the other one did when it was new?) The enter key is a little stiff. And, I love it!!

Back to getting some work done now. YES! An edit for Jenna to finish and I’m dying to get back to Jazz. I’ve pretty much decided that the holidays will take precedent over most things literary, so I’m not promising any great strides in the word count department for the next couple of weeks or so, but I do have the machinery to do it if time allows.

And now, I’d like to wish you and your families the very best of the season. Whether you enjoy a traditional Christmas or some other form of holiday celebration, may you all have the most amazing of times, be with the most incredible people and both give and receive the perfect gifts.


- - -
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widdershins said...

Ah yes, we writers need those little jolts of adrenaline like we need a hole in the head... glad yours worked out..

.. just think if that drunk (or otherwise) hadn't been pulled over or you hit all green lights, it might've been you they caught!

Jenna Byrnes said...

Too funny, Jude. How come I only got a "my keyboard died and I had to go buy a new one" email? Guess you were saving the drama for this blog post. hee hee hee

Merry Christmas pal-o-mine!!!

~ Jenna

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Jude,

Yes, a computer malfunction is more than enough to trigger a panic!

Do you have cats? Have you ever had to deal with the fur inside the keyboard problem? You first discover it when one and then another key sticks or won't type. You try to avoid words that contain that key... Finally you need to take the darn thing apart and vacuum it out!

Glad you were able to find a replacement (hey, don't worry about the price, it's deductible!) Have a wonderful holiday!


Susan said...

What a frightening story! Glad to hear it turned out ok. I totally know that sinking feeling of 'OMG, the world might have just ended because my laptop is not turning on' and wouldn't wish it on anyone!