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The more the merrier

It's been a year since I started blogging here at Hitting the Hot Spot, and just about a year and a half since my first erotic romance release with TEB.

I started writing erom after meeting the fabulous Bronwyn Green and Brynn Paulin. They opened up a whole new world of creativity and eroticism to me with their stories. I remember my first few visits to the TEB website and the tingly thrill of browsing all the 'taboo' stories. I loved the wild abandon to write freely of my fantasies and to read those of all the other talented writers here.

The words of my first story flowed freely and after 'sitting' on it for 6 months, I finally submitted it to TEB. My editor loved it and said she hoped there was more in store for these characters as their story was really just getting started.

That first book was The Birthday Present and became the first story in the Gift of Desire series. I followed it up with The Christmas Present and finished with a HEA in The Anniversary Present.

When I describe it that way, it sounds so simple and easy to have produced these three stories, but that is far from the truth. During the process of writing this 'unconventional' love story of two couples finding their lives more complete as a foursome, I struggled with self-doubt. Not about my skills as a writer, but about the 'rightness' of putting on paper the erotic fantasy of multiple people loving each other intimately.

What would people in my small, conservative, Christian community think if they knew I was writing 'dirty' stories?

This question more than anything has given me the most writer's block since I started writing erom. I've been around and around the mental carousel with this one, and I am proud to say that the place that I have gotten off for today is the side where I stand tall with a smile on my face and tell people that I write erotic romance, stories of love with lots of spice and sensuality. I figure if 'they' are going to talk about me, then I want to be the one who gives them the correct information to share with others.

Of course, I keep some protection around myself by mentioning I write under a pen name, and I only share it with those that seem the least judgmental and the most interested in enjoying my stories.

If God is love, then more must be merrier. Right?

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. I'll see you in the New Year!



Annabeth Carew said...

I know where you're coming from, Suzanne.

I wrote my first book without restraint as the prospect of anyone ever reading it was so nebulous at that stage it wasn't worth worrying about.

Fear of judgement only set in when, miracle of miracles, it was accepted for publication.

There's quite a bit of mental adjustment required at the realization that your most outrageous sexual fantasies will be available for public consumption!

Victoria Blisse said...

I know what you mean, I'm a Christian and have had the same kind of feelings. I've always felt that when I've prayed on it that I've been encouraged to continue. I don't think God is as anti-sex as you'd be led to believe!