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Snow and Skin aka Merry Christmas

As I’m writing this, there is exactly one week, seven days, until Christmas. Many are waiting for the arrival of the big guy.

We had our first hint of snow at noon the very first d
ay of December. (Sorry about the missing apostrophe! I can't get in to the cartoon to fix it.)

I have a group of friends who meet for lunch every couple of months and we got together December 1st. The snow started as I was leaving my house and when I got to the hostess’ house, I was kidding her about the last time I was there. We hadn’t had any snow that year until the day of the staff party at her house. It started to snow as I was driving over and that was it. The white stuff never left. It was there for the season. And darn it all, the same thing happened this time. It snowed for days and days without stopping. Here are some photos of what it now looks like at our house. This is the snow accumulation of three or four days.

This is the side entrance to our house.

Looking out the sliding glass doors at the back of the house.

The cars in front of the barn.

Max, our chocolate lab, trying to follow my snowshoe track down the driveway. I know what it looks like he's doing but he's really just ploughing his way through the snow.

After all this snow, wind and cold, I decided I needed something hot to warm me up. I hope you enjoy some nice, hot photos. Happy Holidays from Kaenar.

What would this season be without the occasional angel?

I wouldn’t mind the snow, if it came with this.

So this is what was in Santa’s bag. Lucky you!

Santa’s got something just for you.

Looks like Santa needs some help getting his costume on… or off.

Wanna lick?

You know Santa can’t do it all without his helpers.

This gives new meaning to Santa’s cry of ho, ho, ho. Shouldn't it be hot, hot, hot?

Hey, I found Frosty and Rudolph.

Not even going to go there.

So after all is said and done, just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

See you next month and stay naughty,


Kaenar Langford

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Lisabet Sarai said...


You've done it again. Great photo spread! Actually, I like the snow, too. When you live in the tropics as I do, you tend to focus on the beauty and forget the inconvenience! (I lived in New England for more than two decades, so I know the reality of snow...!)

Happy Holidays!

Lisabet Sarai said...
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