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What makes a spanking erotic?

People have shown mixed reactions to both certain scenes in my books and my personal penchant for being spanking. I've been asked questions such as, Why would anyone like to be spanked? Isn't that demeaning? What makes a spanking erotic? Bottom line (pun intended): spanking is not for everyone but for those who enjoy it, it's wonderful.

Personally, I love being naked and placed over a strong man's knees. The feeling of total vulnerability is awe inspiring. He holds me in place and can play with my pu
ssy or land a few tingling spanks on my ass. The skin begins to warm and sensitize. I go into a zone where I can loose the worries of the day and no longer have responsibi
s or decisions to make. He is not demeaning me, he is
giving me a gift of release from the pressures of the world.

He alternates between swats and gentle rubs and playing with my clit. I never know which it will be and I love being fre
e to simply enjoy. All of my nerves are alive, filled with erotic electricity and I become not a working mother and caretaker, but a vessel of pleasure and need. I become a purely sexual being needed only his hand, wanting only his pleasure, administering only to his desires.

And that, my friends, is what an erotic spanking is all about.


Annabeth Carew said...

I'm with you 100%, Marie! Spanking is hot, hot, HOT! Love the cute pics!

Marie Haynes said...