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Dulcet Tones to Shake the Bones

I always seem to be a little out of step with the infamous lists that women’s magazines say that we all apparently have, such as, what a woman wants in a man and similar. A few qualities usually match, such as being tall and having a good sense of humour, but there are other aspects of a man that I find attractive that many may find unusual. For example, I like a man with a prominent nose. I have no idea why people undertake painful surgery to reduce the size of their nose—I think it adds character to the face. It seems that many women shy away from men that spend time in the gym, preferring a bit of a paunch over apparent vanity. Not me – love the muscle. One of the somewhat ignored traits that has endured on my ‘ideal man’ list is a gorgeous voice.

For as long as I can remember, I have always paid close attention to the voices of others in addition to what they say. A man with a nice deep voice can have a lot of pull over me. I can understand all those anecdotal tales about the late Barry White providing the soundtrack to many a child’s conception. I find comedian Reginald D Hunter hilarious, but I would still be mesmerised even if every one of his jokes flopped. Gorgeous voice, tall and funny – dangerous combination. Gerard Depardieu is another one—wonderful accent, bilingual and a scene-stealing nose.

Women are not excluded from my lascivious fascination. Those of you in the UK will be aware of the well-known female voiceover in the old M&S adverts. Though it certainly doesn’t make me want to shop there, I’ll happily watch the adverts just for that silky smooth voice. Apparently, Bonnie Tyler sounded very different before surgery on her vocal cords, but I do like the gravelly smokiness that resulted.

Of course, the things that the sexy-voiced say and do is all important as well, but I could even forgive a flying kick at a football fan when the voice is right. (“I am not a man. I am Cantona.”)

The pleasure and power of a velvet tone of voice was the inspiration for my latest Lust Bite, Remote Control, which was released on 17 January. The story of ‘Scarlet’, a sometime telephone sex line operator, who finds out first hand how powerful the voice can be and where it can lead when she encounters the mysterious Joseph. An adult excerpt follows.
Every movement became more intense, jerking her body hard enough to make the sofa shift. Above the sound of it thumping the wall, she could still hear his voice despite it lowering to a growl. She could always hear his voice. “I will make you come.”
The explosion of the orgasm deep in her vulva shook her frame, causing a powerful shudder that made her lose control. While no words would come, a piercing cry filled the room that almost masked the deep grunt that came through the phone’s speaker.
Completely spent, Paula collapsed into the sofa, her heart pounding against her ribs as she tried to catch her breath. Though her entire being felt weak, it was worth it for the warm feeling of contentment that flooded her body.
“I want you so badly.”
Through his hoarse voice and her own heavy breaths, Paula was unsure that she had heard him correctly but said nothing. The lengthy pause that followed only increased her doubt.
“I could be there next to you,” he finally continued, his voice back to normal. “I would pinch your sensitive nipples to see how much you could take.”
She let out a sigh as her body jolted with pain from her swollen nipples, twisting her body to sink back onto the cushions. Facing the phone, she could hear his breathing, gradually falling in line with the speed of hers as the echoes of the orgasm subsided.
After several minutes of comfortable silence, Joseph was the first to speak. “I have to go.”
Forgetting her place, Paula immediately rolled onto her stomach to stare at the receiver as if looking into his eyes. “Are you going to see your girlfriend?”
“That’s no business of yours, cock tease. You’ve made that very clear.”
After a click, a continuous tone signalled the end of the conversation.
Remote Control now available at Total-E-Bound.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Ah, Shermaine!

I agree 100%. The voice gets me every time.

Hot excerpt!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

I love certain voices. Anything British just sends tingles. Gerard Butler could read the telephone book and I'd be happy. Plus, Gary Allan can sing to me any day. Shivers. :-)