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It's 2011, Chatting and a sneak peek at Jett's Gift

Happy 2011 everyone!

A brand new year is upon us, with all the promise of new beginnings and success in whatever we’re striving towards. For me, it’s writing. No surprise there. But, I’m also working on other aspects of my life.

2010 was a year to remember in our family. Hubby lost his job, which shocked us both considerably. He’d worked for the same outfit for all of his adult life. You don’t expect something like that to end. An early retirement came as one Hell of a shock. We weren’t sure how we’d handle it all. Less income, more worries, adult children who still needed assistance from time to time. It all led for some heated conversation and some deep understanding of how we think, what’s important and how much hubby and I love each other.  

I had cataract surgery, successfully, and saw colors for the first time in years. I could see at night, not well, but much better than I had done for years. I also had a taste of what it would be like to go blind. Now that was a frightening state of affairs for someone who depends on her site in order to write. After a terrifying few months, I found a specialist who I’ll always thank for his patience and expertise. Drugs, weight loss and some major stress, and I can see again. A little poorer financially from the experience, but much richer in knowing what’s really important, I feel blessed for having gone through all those stumbling blocks.

Through it all, writing became an anchor. I could sink into stories, my characters, their lives, and along with my writing partner (who listened to me whine on way too many occasions) I made it to this year. Oh, and I can’t forget another very important celebration. I became the grandma to a beautiful little girl named Ashlee. She’s got two older brothers, but she’s the first girl and she’s amazing.

So, 2011. It’s going to be a year of reflection and growth, I hope, for me. I have much to reflect on and be thankful for. And, much I want to accomplish. I’ve got this new series on the go now. A wild futuristic thing I’m pleased to say will have its first outing this year with the release of Doc, the first in the Daybreak 2525 series. Think a jaded Mel Gibson with a liking for men, and women when the mood strikes and the woman is just the right kind of fem. He’s got family, a mother and sister who he loves dearly and who he’s bent on seeing cared for. He’s also got a lover named Jazz, who is sexy and fun and has a mouth on him that drives Doc crazy, in more ways than one. I’d like to get at least two more in the series done in 2011, three if the words flow. I’d also like to add one or two, or more shorter works. Jenna and I will be adding to our Kindred Spirits series as well. That one seems to be very well liked and I’m thrilled it’s doing so well. We’ve got Dylan’s Dilemma scheduled for release in April, and another one in the rough draft stage.

I’d also like to spend more time with family. Retirement suits my hubby just fine, for the most part. He sometimes misses the camaraderie of his work place, and I have to admit, I wish he had a job where he could go off say three days a week. He’d like that, I’m sure. I really want to spend more time with fans, getting to know you, learning what your likes are when it comes to reading material, what family lives you have. I’m not a good socialize, but I truly adore those who read my words. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill of knowing others find the stories I dream up entertaining. I hope not.

I think it’s time to share a snippet of my upcoming release, Jett’s Gift, with you. This will be released on Feb.7th and I’m curious how it’ll be accepted.

Jett’s Gift
By Jude Mason
ISBN: 978-0-85715-462-0
Genre: Gay MM/ Vampire/ Contemporary


A six hundred year old vampire finds love, but will it, can it, last when AIDS pokes its ugly head up?

Jett is a creature of the night and he’s not happy. In fact, he’s heartbroken and in love. The man who’s torn his world apart has been diagnosed with AIDS.

Jett knows he can save Alex, the man who’s stolen his heart, but for some reason he’s been denied.

After weeks, months of frustrated discussions and fighting, Jett’s determined to give it one last try.


Jett grabbed the metal vent pipe and leaned over the side of the building, peering down at the ant-like mingling of humanity below. The cold, southeast wind whipped the long duster around his thighs and he grasped the waist-high pipe a little tighter. Wouldn’t do to fall into their midst unannounced. He smiled dismally. The real shocker would have come when he got up and walked casually away. Rain slicked his long, black hair down. The wind whipped it across his face, into his eyes—black eyes, the colour of death, or so he’d been told time and time again.

He climbed onto one of the many ledges, his heavy-soled leather boots gripping the worn shingles. Standing tall, he turned his gaze upwards to the night sky, daring the wind to tear him from his precarious perch.

Six hundred years he’d lived in darkness, feeding off the dregs of humanity and finding love with those who, for the most part, had been cast out or shunned for being ‘different.’

Alex was different, and he loved the man like he’d never loved anyone before. Loved him more than he’d thought possible after so long, so very, very long. Their couplings were nothing less than amazing. Alex, as always, was brilliant in the many ways he’d found to pleasure Jett. The lovely man knew how to do things with his mouth and lips that drove Jett mad with desire. The sharpness of Alex’s mortal teeth tugging at flesh long chilled and lust-tainted with the passing of so much time both astonished Jett and impressed him tremendously. He’d thought he was long past the intensity of arousal Alex garnered in him. Thinking of his lover’s amazing oral capabilities made his rod stiffen to majestic proportions and sensitivity. The gentle nipping of the man’s mouth was enough to set his teeth on edge and send flashes of ecstasy up his spine.

The soft flick of a wet tongue sliding across his swollen cock head, its stiffened tip entering the hole at the end, sent a shiver of lust up his spine. Alex’s warm palm cradling Jett’s balls, tugging on them just enough to create that special tension he adored so much. Not pain, but so close it made his eyes water. How he longed for the man’s mouth to open and take him in one long, slow swallow.

His cock thickened even more. The memories were so sweet, so raunchy.

He gave himself a shake and groaned. Tilting his head back, he sent a harsh keening cry into the night. A cry filled with all the pain of angry frustration he’d bottled up for too long.

He’d told Alex about his age, and all that went with it after they’d become more than a weekly fuck. At first, the sexy, young blond had laughed and made fun of his confession. But, when Jett showed him, the laughter had stopped, and the questions began. There’d never been fear, and for that Jett was grateful, delighted even, but confused. After many dozen’s of nights of discussion, ranging from what it felt like to have no heartbeat to how he could get a hard-on when he didn’t have blood flow, they became more than just lovers. They’d begun to fall in love.

Their fucking was monumental. Alex loved to go down on him and he didn’t seem to care where they were. Jett loved the attention and he’d never been one to shy away from sex, any kind of sex.

And, that's your teaser and my welcome into this new year. I'd love to know what you thought of Jett, and his lover. I'll see you again next month.


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