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Lovin' Leela - An Never Seen Before Excerpt Exclusive!

Lovin' Leela will always be special to me for several reasons I'd like to share.

Reason number one: It's my first published work with Total E-Bound. I can't tell you how excited I was to see my story had been picked up by the publisher I've had my eye on for a long time. I really wanted to see my name alongside the talented authors of TEB and I'm thrilled to be a part of the team!

Reason number two: It was my first published contemporary erotic romance! All of my work up until this point had some kind of paranormal of fantasy element involved. I fell in love with contemporary and historical erotic romance and I've written short stories (that you can read on my blog or website), but I really wanted to craft a longer tale with fresh characters and sizzling romance. I just needed an story idea which leads me to...

Reason number three: The premise behind Lovin' Leela was inspired by my noisy upstairs neighbors. Nice people, but terrible to live under. Every single time they made love it was like I had a front row seat to the party. Always at the oddest times, like five-thirty in the morning (real annoying) or late, late at night when I'm finally shutting down my computer. I'm not a overly nosy person, but I'll admit I can't ignore or walk away from the sound of sex. I find myself straining my ears to ear the words being said, the length and tone of the gasps and cries and oh yes...I'm looking at the clock to see how long the love session lasts. Terrible, right? Well, I'm pretty sure they knew we could hear them too. I mean the headboard is banging up on the wall in a staccato drum beat how could they not?

My muse started posing all sorts of questions like...
What if a sexy single woman could hear her new neighbor having sex and she finally decided to confront him, but discovers he's drop dead gorgeous!

How would she react? Would she dare tell him the truth? And what would happen if he found her just as attractive as she found him? The end result: Lovin' Leela available now and you get to see a never before seen excerpt from the book! Enjoy!

Sam. No one else could be at her door without being buzzed up.

“Leela, it’s Sam,” he called from the other side.

She put her dinner down and smoothed her sundress as she got up and went to the door. With a deep breath, she opened it. “Hey, Sam.” She sounded casual, but her heart was pounding wildly as her eyes locked with Sam’s.

He was wearing a pair of loose jeans and a white t-shirt. The cotton hugged his muscled biceps and visible pecs. He looked relaxed and devastatingly sexy.

“Hey, Leela, how are you?”

The strap to her sundress slipped from her shoulder, and she pulled it up aware that his eyes never left her face. “I’m good…you?”

“It’s Friday, so I’m good.” He moved one of his hands from behind his back, producing a small white box. “This is for you. I’m afraid I ate all the spaghetti and meatballs.”

Leela raised an arched eyebrow. “I didn’t think you were really serious about that.”

“I never joke about spaghetti and meatballs.”

She smiled, loving the dimples on his face as he returned a grin.

“I brought you something.” He held out the small gift.

“What’s this?” Leela took the box from him.

“Banana bread.”

She looked up at him. “You didn’t!”

“I did. And for the record, when I say something, I’m always serious unless I say otherwise.”

She watched him shove his hands into his pockets, tightening the pull of fabric across the zipper of his pants. Zings of awareness skitter along her spine. “Well, thank you. This was so thoughtful. Would you like to come in and have a slice with me?”

Sam grinned, making the dimples dip deep on his handsome face. “I’m not into banana bread, but I would like to come in, yes.”

Her stomach somersaulted as they stared at one another for a few seconds. The strap on her dress slipped again, and this time Sam’s eyes slid to her bare shoulder. Leela swallowed, surprised again by the wave of desire rushing over her. He was being flirtatious and her response now would set the tone between them.

“Leela?” Sam asked. “Second guessing your initial desire?”

Could he sense the sudden wild craving she had for him?

She squeezed the box of banana bread and released a slow breath. “Look, Sam, I really do appreciate the banana bread but I…” Her voice faltered as his fingers brushed her skin to pull the loose strap back into place.

“You’re afraid,” he finished, placing one hand on the side of her door.

He was gorgeous and arrogant!

She snorted. “Afraid? What are you talking about? I don’t even know you. That’s the point.” Leela folded her arms across her chest, looking around him to see another neighbour coming towards them.

Sam nodded slowly, then shook his head. “But we’re not strangers, Leela. You’ve been in my home, we’ve shared my amazing pasta and a bottle of wine. So, that’s not what you’re afraid of.”

“So, what am I afraid of?” she asked staring into the warm coffee depths of his eyes. A split second before he reached for her, Leela knew he would show her what she feared.

Wanna find out what happens? Get the book here!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Gracen Miller said...

I loved this story! It's sweet and erotic. These characters are fabulous and if you don't love Sam, we need to check your pulse. He's the kind of guy I want tucking me into bed each night with a kiss...and more!

Wishing you tons of success, Nichelle!!


Nichelle Gregory said...


;0) Sam is the right kinda guy for that job for sure! Thanks for the smile this Monday morning!

You're da best!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Hot excerpt. My TBR pile keeps getting larger. Congrats on the new release. :)

Nichelle Gregory said...

Thanks, Wendi, I'm in the same boat with my TBR pile as well! ;-)