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Menage: Texas Rangers & Sheriffs, what more does a girl want?

Need a nibble of my new cherry?
BLURB: Texas Ranger Rico Estrada knows the old saying: One Ranger, One Woman. He’s lived it. Breathed it every time country singing sensation Joy Delaney came home to visit and hop in the sack with him for a night of good lovin’. But the joy ride’s over.

Rico’s moving away from the tasty torment of her luscious little bod. To break the bond, he decides to give her and himself one last treat. His buddy Sheriff Luke Blackwell is sure on board. But can Rico watch another man enjoy what should only be his?

EXCERPT: (copyright, 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved)

Rico led her out a few steps to the edge of the floor, then took her in his arms. “Maybe it’s time you let yourself have fun with me.”

She inhaled, the smell of leather and citrus aftershave mixing with the heat of his skin near his ear. “I didn’t think Rangers had funny bones.”

He snorted, pulled her more firmly against him. The tempo permitted a rhythm that had his hips rocking against hers, fitting his cock against the seam of her pussy. “We have more than funny ones.”

“I feel the proof.” She felt her own as her channel gushed with more cream.

His hand around her waist drifted down to push her lower body flush to his. “And you need me.”

She toyed with the edge of his shirt collar and considered what would happen if she did more than laugh with him. “I need a lot of things.”

“Name them.”

“Excitement. Forgetfulness.” Peace. She listed all those qualities vital to her survival here in Texas. Tilting her head to look up at his bronzed square face, she admired the harsh sculpted features women drooled over. Rico Estrada was every girl’s wet dream. From the small lines that bracketed his slashing mouth to his hair dense as starless midnight, he was the Lone Ranger, a bandito, and a tough Hispanic macho man. And from the time she’d looked at him with her adolescent hormones raging at age fifteen in her horse corral, he had always eroded her common sense. “Can you give me any of that? Take charge?”

Can you make love to me so it isn’t so much a clashing of wills as it is a blending of bodies?

He crushed her close. His nostrils flaring, he gruffed, “Name the day. The place.”

“Tonight. My house.”

His dulcet eyes snapped with surprise. “I’ll make arrangements.”

“Doesn’t your fellow Ranger over there have other ideas for how you spend your evening?” She tipped her head toward towards the officer Rico had talked with for a few minutes.

“Yes. But your invitation is one I don’t get often.”

“Are you really that interested in that stranger in my guest house?” she shot back, her pride demanding an answer before she took him home and lost herself in him. She hoped duty was not the reason Rico was here, dancing with her, resurrecting memories of how he commanded her to do such delicious things in bed with him. If she was going to relent tonight—because she knew she would sometime before he left town for good—she had to be certain he wanted her for herself. As he always had before. She had to be sure his desire for her had not diminished while she’d stayed away this past year. She had to know that he was hot to fuck her now and didn’t want entry to her bedroom, just to trail a suspect. “Or do you just want to put another Joy Delaney notch on your belt?”

He came to such an abrupt halt on the floor, his spurs jangled. “All these years, all those nights we’ve hopped in the sack, be honest, who conquered who, lady?”

“I hear you’ve never wanted for bed partners,” she avoided his question and drove home her own. “You’ve got a reputation for giving a woman every fantasy she ever wanted. Even asking other men to join you both.”

His look turned narrow and threatening. “Are you jealous or nuts? Tell me! You come home—what? Once, twice a year? Not last year at all! You think a man can live on that alone?”

“No,” she whispered, while couples danced around them, brows lifted at Rico’s raised seething tone.

“Damn straight. I learned the value of fucking a woman any way she wants, any way I want, making every second count, because she might just disappear on you the next morning. You make me crazy,” he growled, as he pulled her through the crowd, his determination a living beast she felt in the wrench of his hold.

Muttering something that made no sense to her, he kicked open the side door and let it bang against the jamb. She grinned. This was the power and control she had always wanted from him, yet he’d never shown her. She hurried to keep up with him as he headed led them towardtowards the back of the parking lot. The August night was a scorcher and the heat covered her like a wool blanket. But nothing compared to the fire in his body as he whirled and pushed her against the steel hood of his 4x4, thrust one leg between her two and pinned her there. With one meaty hand, he lifted her chin and swooped down on her mouth.

His lips sipped and drank, licked and sucked at hers. Her knees buckled. He caught her up against him. “Oh, no. Not getting away from me. We do it my way this time.”

At last! This domination iswas what she craved from him. Always had. She ran her fingers up his spine, held him close and kissed him back. Laced with the sweet root beer, his mouth tasted of his anger and desperation.

He yanked her shirt from her jeans, then pulled it up in the front. Bending her to one side, he lowered his face to skim his wet mouth over her ribs. Her nipples stood tall in her lacy bra. Her stomach quivered. Her pussy throbbed while her fingers found his zipper and the bulge of his cock.

Moaning, she felt the reverberations of his bass voice as he cursed. All at once, he shoved down the fabric of her bra and took one of her nipples in his mouth. She bit her lower lip. His big hot tongue was rough and fierce. Her legs were jelly. He half picked her up, put her to one side and yanked open his truck door. “Get in.”

“My purse,” she objected for what she’d left inside. “Your hat, too., aThey’re—--”

“Our friends’ll get them to us.”

“Are we going to my house?”

“Hell, no. You want excitement? We’re going to get you some.” He gave a sharp nod towardtowards the inside of his truck.

Unsteady on her feet, eager as a kid, she threw him a wobbly grin. “And what about my forgetfulness?”

“I guarantee, lady, what we’re gonna do, you won’t forget.”

She scrambled inside, a thrill of desire coursing through her. She’d wanted it edgy and dangerous. Apparently she was finally going to get it."

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