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Post-Holiday Fizz

If you're like me, the lovely languorous stretch of the holidays is already fading into distant memory. After all, it was last month, and my calendar's already full-steaming ahead. The Christmas tree's long gone, though I still may be picking stray pine needles out of my socks for months to come. I'm back at work, and all the procrastinated tasks piled on my desk for "next year" have reached their sell-by date and are clamouring for attention.

If you're like me, you're gonna want to find some post-holiday fizz, fast.

Never fear, those missing all the festive cheer. It's time for an after-Christmas present...

You can find my newest free story Fizz (M/F) at Download the PDF here.

It's the missing scene from my December release His Christmas Present, set during the same decadent party. Fizz answers the rather delicious question of just what naughty things Diana got up to behind the scenes. It's also got lots more Valentine in it, because I really can't resist him. (I even wrote a whole other story about him, and I'll tell you more about that next month.

Do let me know how you enjoy Diana's adventures!

(PS, if you're wondering, picture Idris Elba for Thierry. Mmm.)


Want another excerpt from His Christmas Present? You can find a short steamy scene between my two heroes Tim and Max, and learn all about my love for my bicycle (err, sorry, complete non-sequiter there) in my New Year's Day interview on Jenika Snow's blog.


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Justine Elyot said...

Read it! Loved it! Idris Elba with a French accent, omg...*drool*

Rachel Randall said...

NOM. Just sayin'.

Idris loves you, Justine.