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Unexpected smiles.

Hello all, Happy New Year!

Smiles are always good, right? But the best have to be those that come when you least expect them. Like the other day when I caught the grown up guinea pig trying to go under the bridge that only the baby fits under and the next minute He's walking around with the bridge stuck over his bum.

Or when you're having a conversation with a friend and they say the wrong word accidentally and you end up in gales of laughter, those kinds of smiles are always the best.

And those ones that happen when everything else goes wrong, like in the photo below. We went to Blackpool, it was raining, a lot. We got on the wrong bus, my daughter and I got locked in a toilet (it finally let us out) and we were soaked to the skin within minutes and we were wading through puddles as we walked up and down the front in the dark. But the lights were pretty and it was just so bad that you had to smile. It's a trip we'll never forget, that's for sure!

So, moving on to my point, the other morning I was checking my google alert. It's something I've got set up to pick up on new mentions of my name. Okay, it sounds like a vanity stroking tool but mostly its to check that my work isn't being pirated around the net. Mostly it comes up with bits from my own blogs or buy pages for my various titles. Every now and then though I find a nice little surprise in there of a nice mention of me or a new review and the other day I found both!

I'm reading through the list of links and I find this quote staring me in the face. It's a quote from Wendi Zwaduk's blog
and I am sure you can see why it makes me smile!

When I want super hot romance, there's one author I turn to: Victoria Blisse. Why? Her stories are steamy and sweet while keeping the reader wriggling in their seat.

I was bowled over and as I read the rest of the review for Sweet Surrender I smiled all the more!

So I have to say a big thank you to the ever lovely Wendi Zwaduk for her lovely review and the unexpected smile I got from it!

So read the review, then read the book and see what Wendi liked so much about Sweet Surrender.

She doesn’t know what she wants but he does.

How do you mend a broken heart?

Helen goes on holiday to Scarborough and meets Tom. He is an attractive local artist who takes Helen on a tour of the sweet seaside town. Tom becomes more than just her guide as his dominant nature brings out her own submissive side and a shared joy of exhibitionism.

So what has made you unexpectedly smile recently? I look forward to reading all about your joy moments!


Sarah said...

When I am trying to put my son in time out; sometimes he comes out with saddest little comments that I have to not laugh or smile at b/c I am suppose to be the stern enforcer. OR when he grabs my hand and says "Come on mommy". I love the fact that he wants to include me and it always amazes me that I ceated this little miracle.

On a naughty note; my coworker came to work in a cute school girl outfit, but more worker type than school type. I smiled really big and asked her where the pole was. She just laughed wiggled her bum and walked away.

Bianca Sommerland said...

This might sounds silly, but when my brother told me he wanted to buy my book, it made me smile. I told him there was no way I make him buy it. Then he stubornly said 'Well, I'm buying it when it comes out in print. I want to be able to show off my sister's work'

Coming from my little brother who's now a straightlaced IT and rarely acts like the boy I knew as a child, not only did it make me smile, it choked me up a little.

Love this post Victoria. It made me smile too ;)

Victoria Blisse said...

Sarah, great smile moments there!

Bianca, that is really lovely!

Both your comments made me smile. :)

Lisabet Sarai said...

You're definitely right, Victoria!

Joy awaits us in the most unlikely places.

Wonderful post.


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Why thank you, and I meant every word.

What makes me smile? When the cats are rolling on the floor fighting and I shout, hey! and they freeze. The expressions on their faces is priceless.