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What Women Want

Women crave so much, yet, we give so much as well. We love deeply - our children, our lovers, our pets, even strangers sometimes tug at our hearts. We work outside of the home - well, many of us do - to support ourselves and the families we love. Nonetheless, most of us still bear the brunt of working inside the home as well. (When was the last time YOU went to someone's house and thought "Gosh, this house is immaculate - when does HE have time to get it all done?") Still, we have needs, yearnings, desires - some of which are easily satisfied, others take more time and effort. And, as men already know, our cravings change, mutate at a moment's notice.
Women crave tenderness. We want to be the pampered princess. We want our feet rubbed and our hair brushed. We want arms to hold us gently, as if we are fragile flowers, easily crushed. We want soft, warm kisses which slowly deepen and make us melt. We want to be told we are beautiful - not with just words, but by the way you look at us.

We want strength. We want firmness and a commanding mind to lean on. We want to be pushed, encouraged, challenged to try new things, new adventures. We want hard, hot kisses which demand a response and make us tremble with desire.

We crave respect. We want our efforts to be acknowledged. We want you to look at us with pride in your eyes, to know that without us, you would have a harder life. We want you to ask our opinion, and then actually take that opinion into consideration. We want our ideas, our thoughts, our concerns to be consulted. We want conversation. We want a mental, intellectual dialogue which demands critical thinking and helps raise our self esteem.

We want slow sex. We want our entire bodies to be kisses and touched. We want a man to slowly slide into us, so that we savour every millimeter, every moment. We want time to stand still and lose ourselves completely to the beauty of mingled bodies.

We crave fast sex. We want you so hot for our bodies that you can't wait, that you rip our clothes from our panting bodies and thrust yourselves into us. We want the feel your heat, your passion, your need. We want to lose ourselves to desire.

Basically, we crave everything.

(First photograph taken by and used with permission of Jane van der Kuil)

(Opinions expressed are my own and not those of the entire species of woman - and yes, we are a whole other species.)

1 comment:

Lisabet Sarai said...

I really like this, Marie. Because you are completely right, the things we crave seem at first to be contradictory.

Then again, the female of the species has always reserved the right to change her mind. Repeatedly!

(Gorgeous pix, too!)