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Wolves and Why I Love Them

There's just something about the wolf that calls to the paranormal lover in me. Wolves live in packs, have hierarchies, and are fierce fighters.

The werewolf, in my opinion, is the new vampire. Shifters are all over the places lately in romance books. Their animalistic needs and attitudes can be sexy. The alpha looking after his mate. The pack protecting their own.

I like the idea of a guy going animalistic in the bedroom, instinctively seeking the mate who makes him crazy. The werewolf seems the perfect blend of monster and man. Powerful, cunning, and dangerous. That lethal edge only adds to the mystery and sexy draw of the beast.

I had some fun in Wolf Wanted. I paired up my werewolf with a half wolf/half demon prince. And not just any demon, but an incubus, the kind who revels in sex. But it was the wolf who drew me to the story.

Go read a werewolf story of your own, and have a great weekend.

Wolf Wanted, coming to TEB Jan 31st


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I envy those who can write shifters. Good luck!


Marie Harte said...

Hey Wendi. Yeah, shifters are fun. Personally, I envy people who can write historicals. I love to read them, but writing them? Ack.